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Old 12-14-2004, 09:44 AM   #1

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I'm not a swashy, in fact I'm a mage. I recently came upon an area while duoing with my friend that drops a lot of swashy adepts in combat arts. The lower lvls of StormHold are more of the higher lvl part of the zone, with mobs ranging from 25-27 ^^ group. To get here you can either jump down the well near the chessboard, and land yourself into the deepest parts of SH, or go down from the stairs where the Watcher of the Hordes spawns. The mobs that drop your spells are the goblin blackblood lookouts, which are roamers and are swashy's themselves, the blackblood oozes which spawn in the pool near where you jump down the well and are non-agro ^^ (pretty good exp duoing here since there were unlimited amounts of them) , and the blackblood salamanders. all the goblins in the area CAN SEE THROUGH invisibility and sneak, so you can't try and sneak your way past them. so bring some friends if you want to come down here and get some of your spells. the rewards for staying there long, it's pretty good exp from lvl 26-28, and there are 2 named in the area, the Hulking Salamander and Lord _____ (forgot his name), he spawns with a pair of goblins and is in a room further up, and of course you get some of your tier 3 swashy adepts. in 3 days camping there, my friend and i found 6 different tier 3 adept 1 swashy combat arts.

The Swashy adepts that dropped that i remember are:
Undercut Adept 1
Escape Adept 1
Risky Advance Adept 1
Flurry of Arms Adept 1
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Cool, thanks very much shadow.
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Just a note: only the lookouts saw through my stalk app3 (or was it smuggler's adept1? either way, one of 'em works), and since they're pathers, a little patience and some keen observation are good enough to get you around. Oh yeah, the Hulking Salamander would have seen me if I hadn't just peeked around the corner to check him out.
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