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Multiple times myself and many other people have been constantly giving feedback, suggestions and shared their experience and knowledge about what's working and what isn't working when it comes to Terrors of Thalumbra's beta, and we get not response from the Developers.

We still have so many concerns about this expansion's content and new systems, like the Infusion, Deity, Itemization, Classes and Gameplay, and we still get no answers on anything.

I understand that all the developers are truly swamped with work to get everything done by November 17, but what good does that make if some of the stuff that is coming out on November 17 is being released without any of the feedback that we've been constantly giving.

There are so many threads and responses the players have been giving about different issues, like the Deity system costs, concerns about Infusers, Class balances with specific classes, Deity Points abilities and system being seriously underwhelming and sub par from similar systems we've had in the past, Relic Cloaks and their clear imbalance of being too powerful for some classes but being completely useless or lacking to other classes, Mercenaries not being balanced at all, Itemization that is broken or has the wrong stats.

The list goes on and on of different issues that have come up with the Beta of this expansion and i'm constantly seeing developers like Chrol, Domino and Kaitheel actively respond to concerns and issues that are coming up, but when it comes to other issues we are getting minimal or selective responding.

What is the reason for this Beta Forum's creation if not for the consolidation of Threads and Issues that affect exclusively this expansion's success and the future well-being of this game, if we're just going to keep getting ignored? We are the customers who play this game and enjoy this game, if we're not being listened to and ignored then what good does that do if your customers will not be happy with the product they're getting.

I understand that time is not on your side, that is the direct effect of beta testing with about 4 weeks of beta testing and the direct effect of slowly releasing content or systems to beta test or waiting for content or systems to get fixed so we can beta test them correctly. Personally, I would much rather have the release date of this expansion be pushed back if it allows the developers a couple more weeks to polish off and change some of their systems to accommodate player feedback.

In the end, we are still the customers who pay to play and enjoy this game and we're here to help you make Terrors of Thalumbra an amazing expansion for everyone to enjoy and be happy with. If you need help consolidating more concerns, then please ask us and we will do anything to help make this expansion the best one yet. But please respond to our many concerns, specially when they are extremely valid, and if you don't believe our concerns and feedback are good enough or are not valid for the sake of balancing, then you could also say so, but please communicate.

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Active discussions take time, time that can either be spent in the discussion or spent creating content, fixing bugs, or polishing. There is no such thing as a short discussion about topics people care passionately about, which means each and every discussion ends up taking hours from any particular developer, which quickly turn into days of time spent when multiple topics come up, all of which means less implementation takes place.
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