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 I have advanced to level 78 as a warlock mainly doing quests (I am primarily a soloer), however to me it looks as a lot of the quest rewards are poorer than my EoF gear. Thus I still find myself wearing three pieces of Al'Kabor's, and at the same time those items I find that are significantly better int and power regen wise, tends to have zero wis modifiers, which have seen my resists sink quite a bit, to a level where my divine resist now in my eyes are dangerously low at 25.7% (the rest is about 50%).

 Should I ignore the wis modifiers completely, and focus on gaining resists through picking equipment with disease, posion, divine etc. resists, until now I have used a mix of wis and area specific resists, but RoK seems to force me to make a decision between those?

 And in addition.. I wonder if any of you would be so kind as to suggest some "must" have equipment for a warlock SMILEY

 Btw.. I have the cloak of unrest, is that worth hanging on to.. or is there another one I should be looking for?

Thanks in advance

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hold on to the cloak its still good. there are some good upgrades. mostly off named drops. tormented braclet of doom is very nice. im goin for things that have a +crit chance personally or reduce hostile spell timer. run some instances and you'll get some gear in no time
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