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Old 10-03-2007, 05:08 PM   #1

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I've got a warlock who I just got up to 65...he has been really slow to do his AAs because he is an alt and mostly just boxes with some of my other more developed characters.I noticed when reading the AA threads it talks about propagations and aftershock, or that uninterruptable ability.Personally, I have found the ward under protections to be a real life saver...and am thinking the 25% hate modifier will be real useful in my small group situation.

On the class AAs I just have 8 points in freehand sorcery for the 24% bonus 1x/min.Would this be stackable with the STR-5 health-for-crit ability?Am looking for an ideal non-raiding type setup.

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i personally have the agi/wis for my KoS tree and for the EoF tree i go hastings for faster recasts and focused casting which comes in handy when you need to burn a mob down fast....other than that i have points in all my propigations 3 in each...then 5 points each in my deaggro skills. i find this to work well for me in group and raids.
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Id say your AA spec for solo vs grouping will be different. My warlock pretty much just solo's all the time as seen in my "Solo'ing the Nest" thread somewhere down there.

In KoS, I'm...

STA = 4-5-8-5-2 (last one not so important but I wanted it for the Battlemage prefix)

WIS = 4-7-4-8-2 (power savings really helps with soloing instances)

In EoF, I'm...

Props Line = bare minimum to get Props

Protections Line = 8 points in Magi's Shielding

Explosive Line = 3 points in Poison Cloud & Gas Cloud. 5 points in Negative Absolution, Apoc and Rift.

80 Barbarian Necromancer | 139 AA | 380 Tinkerer of Antonia Bayle
80 Fae Warlock | 135 AA | 400 Tinkerer of Antonia Bayle
80 Teir'Dal Bruiser | 132 AA | 76 Carpenter | 350 Tinkerer of Antonia Bayle
80 Arasai Mystic | 132 AA | 370 Tinkerer of Antonia Bayle
71 Barbarian Guardian | 108 AA | 350 Muter of Antonia Bayle
70 Teir'Dal Fury | 81 AA | 80 Sage | 400 Transmuter of Antonia Bayle
61 Sarnak Ranger | 75 AA of Antonia Bayle

Betrayals: Bruiser (2) | Fury (1) | Warlock (2) | Mystic (1) | Guardian (1) | Ranger (1) | Others (3)
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