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Old 05-30-2005, 04:52 PM   #1

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You know SOE extending the registration till june 1st seems to me that they didnt get the responce they hoped for for FF. On top of all that they are giving bump ups if you can get more people to come lol thats to funny. Maybe if they had better offers to begin with and not jacked the prices up so much more would have registered. I personaly know of quite a few that are going to Vegas and not going to register and just hang with thyre friends.
I registered and I probably shouldnt have I dont know I must be a sucker. Also them not putting on the servers who registered I think hindered the registration numbers because some people would be looking for others they know from other servers that they might not know outside of the game. Some things they might want to look at here soon in the near future cause they might not get much of anyone to go to the next FF.
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Yea, for 175 bucks i'd expect something more then what i see on the schedule, like dancing girls or something.  I'm not going just for the fan faire, i'm going mostly for the vegas experience.   It is a bit steep, considering the nature of this convention, and has most likely hindered those whos funds just aren't there from coming.  Also, you have to take into consideration that there's quite a few that play on the east coast (i'd say most of the community does).  So that's:  Round trip plane ticket, roughly 350bucks, then rooms for lets say 200 bucks (Cheap) then registration for fan faire, that's another 120 bucks.  That's 670$, give or take a few.  That doesn't include the time involved in getting here plus the vacation days or non vacation days most would have to spend if they came on the 9th. 
 If you are fortunate enough to have the money to go i think in the end it will all be worth it.
So far the total me and gf combined is over 1000$, i better hit a jackpot or two lol :smileyindifferent:
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