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so it seems when ya nerfed the adorns mass production amounts tonight, it broke everything else...or most everything. actually...i didnt test bringing all the mats into my bags and craft with, but adding mats from depot when u dont have enough in your bags...you get all the mats green and its lookin good , u start the combine and it tells u mats are invalid. 

as far as adorn quantities being nerfed...i guess i could see why. but arent the values a bit low? wouldnt "lesser" be ok for 25 at a time? maybe 10 max for greater and 5 for superior? i realize if a blessing goes off etc and mats aren't consumed it could be a really lucky expensive break...i just hope this aint the start of a mass upheaval of protests and item after item starts losing the ability to be mass produced. this is a really neat aa and will save us crafters tons of time and be more inclined to help even more people =)

edit: nope i checked and even if all mats are in my bags it still says invalid.

also, it seems to have issues when u only have 1 quantity, be it in your back or otherwise...just for crafting in general. many older recipes that used to work fine now cant see the mats, be it in your bags or depot. you can click and assign what mats to have it use, but now that even dont work.

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