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Tyrus Dracofire

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most recent additional rooms were patio/deck.

could we get sort of going to back side for Garden yard, shed area, water pits/pools, or maybe livestock or stable yard, or even "family's crypt yard"?

those old estates wasnt built for 19 prestige portals, it just clutter, it would need a special "secret room" like batman's headbust button to reveal a sliding fake wall to inner batman's cave. so that would be cool room for hiding the portals instead of in basement or in attic.

having a new backyard will open up to built mausoleum and add in "prestige" crypt zone portal or hidden dungeon portal.

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I kind of like the old school mansions as they are.  The addition of the patios/decks was a wonderful one, but anything more than that and I think they are on par with Prestige homes.  I like that prestige homes are big and spacious, and the old school houses are quaint and a little smaller.

I understand the need to have a place to put 20something portals from a city house, but with the addition of teleporters now, anyone can break out and build into the city as needed.

Even without the use of teleporters, there are options.  In the Qeynos 7 room house, there is that hidden room through that tiny door around the "catwalk".  The rooms overall are large enough that with the use of a divider, they can be made into separate rooms that can be portal rooms.  I think the bottom "corner" room in the basement of the Qeynos 7room house would make an excellent portal room.  I'm not familiar with the FP layouts so I can't really say what would work there.

I say leave the old school houses as they are and keep up the focus on prestige houses being big and "fancy".


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I am lost to what the OP is trying to ask for, but I agree with Analia that its fine as is.  There is a reason we pay 1350 SC to get the prestiges.  Basic housing is just that.  Putting city housing on the same level as a prestige (and a lot of them already are) would mean a justification in having to pay SC for something one could pay a couple gold a week for.

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