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Old 01-15-2012, 09:12 PM   #1

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I'm a huge fan of the western looking origianl EQ2 models, and do not want the SOGA models displaying in my game at this time.. However all models are unchecked in my options except (Human Male) and it says that either its the player character preventing me from unchecking or it has not downloaded yet? So I tried streaming data.. and I downloaded 2 gigs (or so I thought) because right after I loaded the game up again it started downloading the same 2 gigs again!

Why does the streaming data not save?

And why can't I uncheck human male models from alternate models menu?

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Old 01-15-2012, 09:25 PM   #2

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Are you trying to change models while a human male IN game? I can't see that being the reason for not allowing you to uncheck it, but you might want to try making the SOGA change from character select screen, before you log into the game. It's also possible you created that human toon using SOGA models and it requires you to go in and change appearance once you get the SOGA turned off at char select.

Not sure this is your solution, but worth trying.


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Old 01-15-2012, 11:23 PM   #3

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Irainhell:  There has been some kind of bug since Extended's Alpha testing phase which has never been fixed, but goes something like this....  If your character is of a certain race (I noticed it with female Dark Elves when I was setting up mine) and you go in at character select and set your alternate appearance (doesn't matter if it's the original appearance or the SOGA one, but it happens after you choose the 2nd appearance of what you originally picked), then the choice in Options to switch back and forth between SOGA and original models for just that gender and race (in my case, female Dark Elf) gets permanently greyed out and you're stuck with the 2nd appearance you set.  It's an odd bug but it still happens even  today; SOE has never fixed it, even though it was reported during Extended's Alpha and Beta phases. 

It used to be that my live client wouldn't do this, only my Extended Freeport server one.  But since live converted to Extended, now I notice that it happens no matter what server I'm playing on.

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Old 01-16-2012, 12:01 AM   #4

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What Siren said.

The annoying thing is that I like to set the appearance on both model types, but I pick and choose which model type I want to see in game. I don't have them all SOGA or original. So, for instance, I like SOGA for male halflings. I made a male halfling and set his appearance in SOGA, but I also set his appearance in original because some people use that and I don't want them to see some random fugly dough faced halfling. Now I see my character as SOGA, but the toggle is set to original and I can't change it.

It goes further than that, though. If I log in my other active account I can toggle on SOGA, but if I 2-box with that halfling male logged in it changes BOTH accounts to the original models for halfling males and I can't change it until I shut down the account with the halfling male, change the toggle on the other account, and log the first account back in as something else other than the halfling make.

It's kind of silly.

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Old 01-16-2012, 12:54 AM   #5

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This doesn't affect everyone, just many.

All I have to do is go to character creation and whatever race shows up first, if I don't click 'alternate appearance' before switching to the race I want to make, that first one will be in SOGA in-game for all my characters. Sometimes I can change it in-game while not on that race/gender, sometimes I have to go to character select to get it to change.

The game does not remember and abide by the options -I- set. When I go to character creation it not only forces it into SOGA there, but also sets the in-game options without my permission. I hate being required to go through several steps more to have the character models -I- prefer (and have had selected in my options since the option was given) both in the character creation and remain at the options -I- set in game.

I can accept that they want to show new players the SOGA models, just let vet players have their own options, too.

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