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Old 10-23-2012, 12:46 PM   #1

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These procs right now are being abused heavily in PVP, they favor casters and priests and are currently broken. They're broken because they land 100% of the time, but they're supposed to be easily resisted past level 72/77. These procs are extremely easy to attain, and makes it almost impossible for scouts to DPS healers using them. It's basically making mages the only option for burning healers who use them, or getting a lucky 2 or 3 combat arts without getting stifle/stun/fear/knockback (very rarely happens). These items don't impact lower tier pvp nearly as bad as they impact t10.

Anyways here's the list:

-Fright Procs-aITEM -164485300 -1980882409:Iceloom Cap/aaITEM -1668690020 628725339:Stonewoven Cuffs/aaITEM -1831768307 454278987:Enigmatic Chestguard/aaITEM 1950862644 -1117287736:Midnight Cowl/aaITEM 102031734 791801530:Iceloom Mitts/aaITEM 208232876 -1900394560:Elaborate Velvet Cap/aaITEM -1224030983 2015943378:Gloves of Secrets/aaITEM 1982340855 -229710147:Stonewoven Cap/aaITEM 494251157 1603839984:Iridescent Scale Legplates/aaITEM 286402445 16830838:Fossilized Combine Pauldrons/aaITEM -468719896 1564703481:Poison Etched Gloves/aaITEM 1596433742 -1667660341:Shimmering Star Roundshield/a-Panic Procs-aITEM -776524160 -537845524:Iceloom Pantaloons/aaITEM 1979610159 1602995089:Woven Vulcanized Gloves/a-Choke Procs-aITEM -1698760208 -86187350:Subterranean Girdle of Wisdom/aaITEM 846166984 -1027348849:Bracelet of the Void/aaITEM -1544910002 324180121:Shimmering Star Tonlets/aaITEM -725241510 -1684571423:Cryptic Reinforced Tunic/aaITEM -762641211 -2015768185:Tunic of Silence/aaITEM -1773338618 -313858825:Ethereal Wristguards/aaITEM -91207347 -1196106448:Stonewoven Leggings/aaITEM -323015552 -1285671026:Elaborate Velvet Slippers/aaITEM -1931803062 1562277661:Fossilized Combine Helm/aaITEM 541516867 1697163171:Shimmering Star Sai/a-Bewilder Procs-aITEM -1843706820 -2145852679:Woven Vulcanized Wristguards/aaITEM -501186443 1457659397:Ethereal Pants/aaITEM 578083103 -1258743959:Stonewoven Cowl/a-Impact/Tremble Procs-aITEM 384124035 -999240932:Subterranean Girdle of Might/aaITEM 92036591 507084394:Elaborate Velvet Cuffs/aaITEM -994201347 -308756687:Iceloom Cuffs/aaITEM -815821899 -1946129137:Skullcap of Thunder/aaITEM -1813979562 -32256876:Thunderous Pantaloons/aaITEM 1238780615 -792200499:Fossilized Combine Breastplate/aaITEM 922488017 -1933361275:Zalak's Tower Shield of Dominion/aaITEM -1897782751 1010035922:Vulcanized Kite Shield/aaITEM -2069676754 1268813194:Zalak's Kite Shield of Dominion/aaITEM -1487650726 -472604337:Poison Etched Tower Shield/a

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I agree. These proc's make way too much of an impact at t10 when they shouldn't even be effective past t7. These items are being chosen over t3 pvp gear. There is no pvp penalty on their durations either, they last the full pve duration in pvp.
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