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Beta merchant Brody will now sell his stockpile of phat lewts.

Altar of Malice instanced zones will no longer bolster your stats.

Phantom / Tranquil Seas
The Kylong Plains will now appear in the correct location on Druid Rings Travel Map.
Twisted Stags on Isle of Refuge will no longer spawn as Does.
Allu'thoa rider's on North Dshinn can no longer be seperated from their .raptor mounts in combat by pulling from range.
Viscous tar elementals will no longer lock people in combat.
Bloody Battle of Kithicor Event in Phantom Seas should now reset correctly.

Sniper Squad now has clothing.
Practiced Effects have been reduced in power to correct balance issues.
Vital Trigger now properly increases heal, damage and threat with increments.

Londiar now offers additional daily work for high level adorners.
Provisioner level 97 and 99 writs no longer give you an unneeded recipescroll.
Guildhall fuel merchants now sell Far Seas Kindling.
Some redundant level 100 harvest files were deleted, this should not affect anyone as they should never have been used, but if you do notice any oddness relating to recipes not finding harvests please call it out on the forums just in case.
The missing topiaries have been returned to Advanced Carpenter Volume 100. (Rumors they were stolen by a knight seeking a shubbery remain unconfirmed.)

Jun'Rah Prayer Necklace now uses The Enrager effect.

Zaveta's Blade Runner - Aggroing multiple Allu'thoa by gathering Zaveta's blades will no longer result in multiple on screen messages.
Gangrenous Treatment - Aggroing multiple Teir'Dal by destroying gangrenous weapons will no longer result in multiple on screen messages.
Momentary Peace for Bloody Kithicor - Calmseas' Blessed Salt now has an appropriate target description.
Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor - The Bloody Kithicor Phylactery now has an appropriate target description.
Body of Work - Spiteweed rash can now inflicts poison damage.
All Phantom Sea overland quests have level 100 coin purses as quest rewards.
All Shattered Seas signature quests have level 100 coin purses as quest rewards.
Crew Cuts and Bruises - Approaching Zaveta now results in an onscreen message to alert you that you are near her.
Shattered Seas: Enter the Savage Lands - Greymast’s boat on the shore of Dshinn has sparkle effects while the player can interact with it.
Shattered Seas: Pirates' Plot - Treasure Chest has sparkle effects while the player can interact with it & has Magical Treasure Chest Key.
Shattered Seas: Woken Scales - Belzia's magic now reveals a path to the entrance of Ssrez'Ras.
Body of Work - Player can no longer spawn multiple monstrosities by talking with Destora, while they are already fighting one.
Battlefield relief - Quest specific risen Shraloks and Mucktails now have the attack cursor symbol, and no longer claim to have looting rights locked to you, even when you kill them.
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