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Old 10-18-2012, 10:52 AM   #31
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[email protected] wrote:

New stuff HAS to be challenging.. ST and avatars were supposed to hold us over until new xpac but we killed HM grp instance 1st pulling everything with a roughshod grp makeup, then later that night we kill challenge mode final named within first 30 mins of working on it. Avatars? I like them, but only 3 of them and its not enough to keep us busy.

I WANT content to be challenging and yeah, some guilds wont kill it, but you are going to lose the top of your raiding playerbase if you release more sleepers tomb and skyshrine stuff. Now what I want to see happen is less ridiculous checks like power drains or luck based fights where the OT gets charmed, MT gets dt'd and mem wiped mob runs to raid, wipe. I would like to see more stuff like wing 2-3 and hm Underfoot Depths and Roehn Theer.. That stuff was fun and challenging but the thing that made a lot of POW fights hard wasnt the strategy or the moving parts of the encounter it was just the stupid dps checks or tanking checks or healing checks or power checks. This is challenging but it isnt fun and cant be met by most guilds that are trying to raid. That is why you dont even have 10 guilds killing Teku in POW.

TLDR; dont make stuff easy, but make it challenging thru more involved scripts or maybe give options on how to kill it to benefit people with diff raid strengths and weaknesses.

I agree!

Also I feel they should add in some more x2 content (but not take away x4 to do so!)

If everything rolled over and died when you poked it, it would not be fun at all.

I like to see content that can be worked towards.  Once you reach the end there is nothing to do but wait for more stuff, I do not play alt characters, just my Inquisitor.  So running the same old zones over and over to gear up alts is not fun at all in MY opinion (I understand other people enjoy this tho).

Less mindless dps/heal checks and more involved scripts.

I would also like to see more zones to raid, maybe alternative gear options instead of the one item is best style but that seems to be the way the game has been going for a long time.  When I was raiding t7 there was the avatars, the contested mobs, that 'cube mob' thing in Bonemire, and a bunch of raid zones also.  Plus when there was EoF, Fallen Dynasty and KoS to do at the same time it was cool because you could have went into all those zones and still got something useful.  Where now only the one zone at the top of the expansion is worth doing.


I probably just have my nostalgia goggles on

Also I think that so few guilds beat all the content because there is not that many players left but thats another can of worms.

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[email protected] wrote:

but make it challenging thru more involved scripts

Be careful what ya wish for!

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[email protected] wrote:

but make it challenging thru more involved scripts

I want to see Ikki/Tacvi style scripts. Those raids were FUN in EQ1.

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