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Episode #53 - Newbie Aisle Seat

recorded on Oct 13 

Dellmon’s off (to Las Vegas) to see the wizard! In this episode, Dell and Ali mull over a recent tweet asking about what players want to hear about at this year’s SOE Live. They also announce the winners of the Episode 50 Dell and Ali contests, and dig into the listener mail bag. And finally, an Are You Smarter than a Dellmon full of dragons.

Click here to listen to Episode 53

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Am listening to this podcast.

RE: SLR email.

I have one senario I didn't hear you mention what about someone who is in the raid but has been asked to step out for a certain that fight requires another set up then with a different class, are you telling me that if a piece that toon needs drops and no one who was in on the fight is SOL even though they've been there the rest of the raid? btw I have been one of those that was both on the bench and asked to step out to get someone who could get us the progression this would make folks like me not want to do whatever we can to which includes steping out on a certain kill or letting myself be on the Bench because I won't have a chance at ever getting the gear that partcular Mob drops if  another class is needed for the fight and I have to sit it out or even though I stayed on the bench the whole raid ready to step in when needed wont' get a chance at the loot on other fights no matter how high my dkp is.  Dellmon you know raiding you know some fights take a different set up then others. If the change suggested is put in place thjis will kill it for the casual raid guilds and alliances trying to progress.

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Yeah, when certain fights require x coercers or x tanks, it becomes necesary to allow those who will have to sit to loot.

But from a leadership perspective, I have to run more raiders on a roster than I have slots, so those nights when I have 26 online the other 2 need to have loot rights.

Beyond that, I know alot of my raiders take alot of joy in raiding to gear their raid-alts, and often times those alts are on different accounts.

You lose more than you gain by hard locking the loot to those there at the kill.

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I haven't had a chance to listen to this weeks pod cast, still at work, but I will say this.

ANY discussion that has ANYTHING to do with removing SLR mechanics must include removing Hierloom tags.  Removing one without the other is a HUGE opening for exploting and griefing and will be the end of this game once and for all.

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Thanks again for being entertaining and on target.


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