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Greetings Citizens,

I am currently returning to EQ2 with my wife and we logged in last night for the first time in months. We decided to start fresh and new with no added plat or aid from our old characters to re-imerse ourselves  To our suprise we saw Darklight Woods re-designed with new trees, a mushroom bog, new starting area, and just a different layout from before.

My questions to you are the following. What graphical updates are new? Was there an overland revamp with the Freeport/Qeynos GU's? Even the Neriak enterance is different from the small cave opening that we knew from before! Any POI's worth visiting that have been changed? Just these small improvements make it feel like a whole different game.

Thanks all!

Komp  AB

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DLW was just revamped with the last GU, Along with Qeynos Castle and the Qeynos City Wall.

FP was revamped last fall.

These are the only new zones that have been redone, Aside from the restored Shard of Love.

Also Prestige Housing zones are pretty new mini zones. i.e. Vale of HalfPint Delight, Storm Tower Isle, Tenebrous Island Refuge.

And to a lesser extent the Lavastorm Winter Retreat, Everfrost Summer Home, Felwithe Mansion, Luxurious Kromzek Keep (A raid drop) and Thurgadin Grand Hall.

You can access all of the prestige houses in either Qeynos Capitol District/SQ, or in Freeport/SF.

But, for the Thurgadin Grand Hall, you have to be in Thurgadin propper to enter.

There was also a new Battlegrounds Zone, but it was removed for fixing with this last update.

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