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It occurs to me that with instancing we dont need a PvP or race war server, SoE can make variations of any and every zone.
Xtreme Zones
These are the same zones except that a state of open warfare exists between Freeport and Qeynos. Players zone into Xtreme zones by right clicking a zone door/entry point and selecting it. They are identified by a simple X. For example, Antonica X. When it's selected a warning appears (with a do not show this warning again option) and players zone in as normal.
Xtreme zones are exactly like normal zones except that open PvP warfare exists, guards are killable and zones could be captured & held by the enemy. For example, if all the guards in Eddar Grove are slain, Freeport Guards take their place and a warning alert goes out to everyone on the server (with an option to disable in chat options).
This kind of warfare would make for a very interesting addition to the game and add a lot of spice for those who have maxed out to 60. Add an option in the general options for "Always zone to Xtreme zones" and players can play in this environment seemlessly and permanently.
What do you all think? Good? Bad? Good with modifications? I'd love to hear some feedback!
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Best left to open PvP servers, if they ever make them, IMO.
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Considering zones are instanced I can see something like this happening.  However I think the number of people who would partake in something like this would be way to spread out throughout all the servers to make it a fun feature for them.  By putting them all on one or two servers then they can have their fun together and not worry about being the only one in Antonica Xtreme with nobody to fight.
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