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You might or might not know that many of the zones in DoF were taken out for a more condensed DoF that had "comparable" content.  The Crags and Anvil of Ro no longer exist and as far as I know there are no signs in-game of their existance.
However, The Sun Spires is a different story.  This social dungeon was also suppose to be included in DoF upon release, but was taken out.  The difference is that there are clear signs that the dungeon exists in the game world (the map clearly marks the location of the dungeon.)
So, much like they did with Lavastorm, do you think the devs are planning on adding The Sun Spires in a future update?  I am certainly hoping they would.  There are currently only 3 T6 social dungeons in DoF: Living Tombs, Clefts of Rujark, and Silent City.  Shimmering Citidal could also be considered a social dungeon, but it seems more like a quasi-quest/dungeon zone without enough mobs to warrent it as a full dungeon (just my opinion.)
The groups I join are usually left wondering what else there is to do after we knock out some instances.  It would certainly be nice to have a new, full fledged social dungeon with its own unique look, loot and mobs.
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I'm so looking forward to the party when they release the first DoF adventure pack SMILEY
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THe DoF Adventure Pack?!  You mean:

Deserts of Fire Adventure Pack I: Code name TWWGPBKWCCYMFL?

(Things We Were Going to Put In But Knew We Could Charge You More For Later?)


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