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Old 06-24-2005, 06:38 PM   #1

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My GF is playing a guardian.  ATM I am using the templar of my brother so we can duo without any problem. We kill slow but we never die. But I am starting to find it lame to always play the character of my brother hehe.
I do have a paladin alt that I realy liek to play. So I were wondering if we could duo for good EXP has a pally/guardian duo ?
ATM we never group bcuz she is not that good yet. She almost never played any computer game so I wouldn,t having her tanking while we do have 5adds on us. vs 2 or 3 adds she can do pretty good. But I prefer to wait b4 grouping with poeple I don't have on my friend list SMILEY
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Old 06-24-2005, 08:04 PM   #2

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Paladins make alot of dps right now, and with their "lay of hands" can give you/themselves a pretty good big heal every so often. If the pally is higher level then you i'd let him tank, just make sure you have all your good group guardian stuff up and running (and i'm not talking about intervene!). When i'm with a pally friend i'll pull the mob with my anchor (then instantly disable) then hit it with 1 or 2 taunts and then go strictly dps, usually less then halfway thru the paladian will pull agro off me and we finish the mob that way. Its faster waiting for 2 small health recharges then 1 persons large one SMILEY
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Old 06-25-2005, 11:05 AM   #3

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hmm never tried this duo till me and the paly were both lvl 50...  we camped terrorfiends for like a week on and off...  i just let the play pull and take first hit then i tanked the rest of the way (saved a heal)...

thier dps is nice and you'll be able to kill alot of things...  if you are a couple lvls below the paly then let him tank, if its one lvl below or you are higher then you tank...  stun/stiffles really hurt when they need to get a heal off...

and its always fun bouncing agro back and forth, watchin the mob go in circles =P


Wabit- 80 guardian

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