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Since spells resistability increased, I have been having a heck of a time getting my encounter debuffs to land (even though I coulda sworn there was a statement in those same update notes indicating that debuffs would be more effective or something to that effect).  Even using rythym blade before attempting to land debuffs, it's a crapshoot as to whether they will land- and only my t7 m1 clara's and my t5 m2 daro's ever seem to actually stick.  While I don't especially like the idea of using an addornment for a non-dps related stat or effect, are there addornments that we can use to increase ordination---- or is there an item with decent scout stats/effects that also has ordination?

Of course if it's too expensive to get my ordination up there I may just give up on the encounter debuffs altogether.....

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Consecrated Clasp (neck-legendary) gives a good boost - smoldering 11 , scintillating 10, tho it means giving up the more dirgie judicious clasp dps increase 12dps - smoldering, 10dps - scintillating.Some other things to try - Along with rythym blade, pop the mob with Grim Strike which reduces wisdom.Replace your T8 A3 with t7 M1 where you can.Hit your M1 spells first allowing other toons debuffs to land increasing your chances.Go for degredation for the speed ups on cast/recast.Split your debuffs with other dirges if possible especially on single mob encounters.I find that the initial cast is the worst, when other debuffs begin landing, sticking becomes much easier. Duubard
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