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Old 07-09-2012, 09:13 PM   #31
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Would have been nice of them to send out emails to ex-subscribers of this game about this 50% off deal. I'm sure many would have resubscribed. I would have returned to the game in a heartbeat if I knew about this.  I was considering returning to the game, buying the new expansion, and also signing up to an yearly subscription, but now I won't because I would feel like I would be overpaying.  If I'm not mistaken, with the 50% off deal plus the triple station cash weekend and a Walmart 1500 SC card an yearly subscription would have came out to just $15 total.  Can this be brought back for one last time for those who just barely missed out on it and would also buy the new expansion along with it? 

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Old 07-30-2012, 10:19 PM   #32
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I honestly dont care about what or why they remove this option what ticks me off is I was not notified this change was taking effect, go to walmart buy the card and go to soe website where it says RENEW SUB and has a card input, I input the card and it doesnt apply to my sub at all just goes directly to market place. So why have a option at all to renew sub w a sc card then NOT renew it? It shouldnt be a option if its not available. So now I have a expired sub but a account with sc?

Why am I going to input my credit card for a recurring sub if they cant be straight forward and honest with what they advertise on their website?!

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Old 08-12-2012, 12:05 AM   #33

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The problem here is communication. I know that I get an email with EVERY promotion that is occuring or going to occur but I did not get an email about this major change. Every gamer should have received an email stating the change in policy along with a time table for this change. After a specific date, that was VERY CLEARLY defined, make the change. As it stands now, SOE was short sighted. It was SOE that designed the Double and Triple cash days and it should be SOE's burden not the consumers. I think everyone can understand why SOE would want to change how it works but not at our expense. I am fortunate only to have $25 bucks in my account but to the people who invested quite a bit of money in their accounts to pay for their subscription cost only to have the option removed...well they have the right to be very angry.


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Old 11-05-2012, 04:47 PM   #34
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This is not a complaint about the removal of the Station Cash (SC) non-recurring subscriptions.  It's my own fault for not noticing this sooner, and not keeping up with the forums and social media sites the company used to announce such changes.

I understand how someone purchasing two $15.00 SC cards at Wal-Mart and using them strategically to get a 1 Year SC Non-Recurring membership, ultimately, hurts SOE as a whole and the survivability of the EQ franchise.

I simply want to express my hope that someone from SOE will read this and other users feedback and take such into consideration in bringing back a SC subscription based model.  If it's in the form of a model that is less restrictive than F2P and more restrictive than recurring models, I know I will be okay with it.  If it's finding a way to reenstate such a model that is not discounted during market place sales events and costs more to offset potential purchasing because of Double and Triple Station Cash events, I know I will be okay with it.

Thank you.

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