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Hey guys, old account, new to the game since its been so long. I've recently returned, started from scratch since I hate relearning classes. I got my bruiser to lvl55 and I'm needing an alt. I was thinking I would either roll a conj or a scout. I was looking at the classes and I've narrowed it down to a Brig, Assn and a Ranger, maybe a swash but I really don't like the lore behind swashies, Deffinetly not me. 

My question is, which of these would probably be the most painless to lvl considering a new player, no money for MC gear or anything. thanks ahead of time, great being back to the game, been a few years. 

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all of the mentioned scouts have their challenges for new players

Rangers involve alot of snaring and backing up, searching for range

Assassins alot of stun + jump behind/over for back attacks

Brigands/swashies very positional, some frontal only, some rear only.

lots of moving around SMILEY

im biased towards assassin though because at 300aa they become ridiculous strong with velious endline, can blow almost anything up. (and any player in pvp)

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-Arctura- wrote:

Rangers involve alot of snaring and backing up, searching for range

Not so much anymore, since the release of DoV - the searching for range, I mean. Like Assns, Rangers are pretty sweet at upper levels with lots of aa.

Collametta, 91 HE Ranger, 90 Mstr Armorer

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