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A guildie decided that he wanted to give the swashbuckler class a try. I told him to pick dark elf, and betray to a swashbuckler. Because character creation screen lumps the swashbucklers, brigands, and assassins together, he mistakenly picked assassin as his "evil rogue" class. I told him that he'd end up being a ranger if he kept going down the path he was currently taking.

Is there any logical reason on why SOE has pulled the assassin class away from the ranger class in the predator section? The same question can be asked on why they did the same thing with paladins and shadowknights.

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They pretty much stopped recognizing subclasses by archetype/class in-game so they lumped assassin in there with swash/brig since assassins have a similar style of gameplay with rogues.


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It could also be that they hit us Rangers so hard with the nerf bat that we don't really qualify with the big three any more.

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