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  • It's Pillar Time - Recharging the pillars is now a group update.
  • Return to the Pillars - Recharging the pillars is now a group update.
  • Pet the Puppy - Shuck no longer knocks you back, withiin District of Ash after accepting the quest, or completing it.
  • Culling the Time Away - More scum leeches have been added to support quest needs.
  • Valley of the Thralls - Casting stupefy on the thralls no longer breaks the encounter when grouped with Aberrants.
  • Underdepths Saga: Mysteries of Maldura - Undead respawn faster to support quest needs.
  • Underdepths Saga: Zaphardt's Defenders - A little more text is now given to provide guidance in binding the loose plans.
  • Underdepths Saga: Zaphardt's Defenders - The Sentry Shock Box XII recipe no longer has a limited number of uses.
  • Underdepths Saga: Luminous Quest - More rancid poxfiends have been added to support quest needs.
  • Underdepths Saga: Chaos and Malice - While the palace is under attack, its gate are now visible closed!
  • Underdepths Saga: Chaos and Malice - Unveiled Palace should no longer attempt to pull in group members to the solo zone.
  • Valley of the Thralls - Dhalgar citizens of outer Maldura will no longer appear as quest targets.
  • Goals in the Shoals - All chitin terror eggs now spawn in accessible locations in the Savage Spires and immediate surrounding areas.
  • Mighty Magimorphic Ore - gnemlish mini-booms are now in a different container to help differenciate them from the crates already present in the region.
  • The Song of Life - cave locust now have a quest update icon.
  • Culling the Time Away - Quest is no longer confused between scum leeches and gimleeches.
  • Underdepths Saga: Mysteries of Maldura - Coil conductors can now be seen at all times, but can only be gathered when they are needed for upgrading the undertok sentries.
  • Underdepths Saga: Unveiled Dangers - It is now much easier to target Queen Alwenielle for the illusion trituration crystal.
  • Underdepths Saga:Chaos and Malice - Xoth, the Ever Rending now drops the Grand Artificer's Exceptional Screwdriver 100% of the time, as intended!
  • Defensive Measures - This quest now properly counts towards the "Malduran Defender" achievement.

  • Aberrants in Thalumbra now count towards the Aberrant slayer achievements.
  • Harvestables no longer spawn under Gwynnura's platform in Thalumbra.
  • The target clockwork for “You Only Test Twice” now respawns immediately if it is accidentally killed NOT by the explosive hammer.
  • The umbral pitcher plant house item is now slightly larger by default.
  • All the housepets sold by Gemma are now fully tradeable.
  • Some missing quest stage text in Tinkersmith’s quests has been updated.
  • Thaumic Scroll of Pain now correctly accepts thaumic material as a component.
  • Woodworkers and weaponsmiths now make 200 handcrafted arrows and throwing weapons at a time, consistent with lower levels. Level 100 weaponsmith writs have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Woodworkers now use sandpaper to make weapon delay modifiers instead of incense.
  • Crafted weapon delay modifiers are now fully tradeable
  • The prototype eyepiece is now actually removed from your inventory when you’re attacked in “For Your Eyes Only”
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The resist grants for the beta bolster have been increased to new expected levels.

A zone lockout timer reset bauble has been added to the beta buffer merchant.
Vigor Charms should no longer automatically cancel after being cast.
Fixed all one handed weapons that were incorrect flagged as dual wield, which caused their damage rating to be lower then expected.

Collections now grant rewards. Edit: These will be in the next build.
Traditional Dhalgar Forgework and Tradeskill: Lucky Charms collection pieces are now collectible.
The status reward for signature quests will now reward the correct amount.

Fixed a bug with Dagger Storm that prevented it from dealing damage for most classes.
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