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I was standing in the Alcove of Reason and I noticed an NPC (Tobon Blingdon, Grand Artificer) on a little island platform thing across what looked like a waterfall. I wanted to go meet him so I tried to jump in and get down there. I instantly died as I fell through the water (I didn't jump in the water, it looked like I fell through it). There was no text that said I burned or drowned or died from pain and suffering. Just text that showed my merc buffs all leaving as I died (templar merc died as well). The location where I hit the ground was:
-70.24 -14.08 227.96 175.06 0.00 0.00

I noticed, a little too late, there was a translocation thing that would take me there.

BTW, nice addition for the /loc clipboard command. Love that.
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Whoever designed that platform is a sadist.

I found the teleporter, so went over to say hi and look around a bit. Water below me, and scooting close to the edge, there didn't seem to be an invisible wall. And there's a cavern there, with the floor on level with and maybe two feet away from the platform - easy jump! So I hop over to see if there's anything in the cavern - and THAT'S where the invisible wall is! Slam into it an inch from landing, fall into the - wait, why didn't I hit water? I'm dead?!

You put that cavern right there just to bait us into dying, didn't you?
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