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Old 08-12-2012, 02:00 AM   #31

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Reckless stance is broken and was completely unneeded giving fighters a role they should not have in raids. It has created massive balance issues and was a bone thrown to players who cried about not putting up overpowered parses like they were in TSO. There are alot of complaints about this stance and it all stems from the fact is was never needed and completely OP.

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Tekadeo wrote:

I love my Monk and all, but I love the rest of my Tank stable too.

Why was my Monk the only one given detaunts in Reckless Stance?  Did bruisers get this too?  It's the only tank I don't have at 92, so I really don't know.

Hidden Openings is a 3 position detaunt, and Sneering Assault is a 1 position dehate.  Plus they have the AA choice to get another dehate.  What's up with that?

Fair is fair, and apologies to all true DPS classes, but really all fighters could use a dehate skill in Reckless stance.  Sneering is on a huge recast tho...

stupid why does everyone feel like a monk should be capable of doing nothing they can do? Then let us wear plate and hold shields . Let us all go by the title Shadowknight ... give us all 1 click i win buttons. Our taunts do not even work compared to most tanks taunts in a bg/pvp scenario anymore why u crying over this pathetic ability that screams I am not a tank don't look at me puppet !

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