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*** Gameplay ***
- Characters who have more than 100% XP in their current level but have not gained a level due to a hallmark restriction (such as the class quest) will no longer be prevented from entering zones tied to those quests.
- Experience earned through questing is no longer affected by Mentoring, Vitality, or any other XP modifier (except for paying back XP debt).
- If an aggressive opponent would con red to the lowest-level member of the group but instead cons gray to the group because of its average level, the NPC will remain aggro and attack all the members of that group. A normally aggressive creature that will not aggro should no longer have a red border around its name. In short: grey mobs that have a red border will attack your group; grey mobs without a red border will not.
- Adventurers who meet their end inside the Valley of the Rogue Magi will now respawn in the Commonlands outside the entrance to the instance.

*** Items ***
- Tutorial quest reward items are now flagged as No Value.
- The repair costs on heritage quest rewards have been adjusted.
- Sigil-Painted Linen Sleeves can now be equipped.
- Sea Turtle Shell now has a proper icon.
– The Fishbone Earring is now No Trade.
- Thulzite Gems now cost 5 gold. Additionally, Lizardmen in the Temple of Cazic-Thule should drop them more frequently.
- Bait buckets for the sabotage quests in Antonica will now appear less frequently, allowing other targets to appear more often.

*** Tradeskills ***
- The price at which crafted items sell back to NPC merchants now includes a value for harvested components. The harvested items themselves, however, still have no value to merchants.

*** Mentoring ***
- When one player starts Mentoring another, all maintained spells will be dropped from the Mentor.
- When a player stops Mentoring, their Health and Power pools will no longer be reset to their maximum values.
- A player who is being Mentored is not allowed to Mentor someone else.
- If an Apprentice exits the game or leaves the group while in another zone, the Mentor will return to their original level.
- The Mentor's skill values should equal those of a character with 80% XP toward their next level.
- You cannot turn off Mentoring while you are dead. If the group (or the Apprentice) disbands while you are dead, you stop Mentoring but remain dead until you release from your corpse or are revived.
- The bonus XP given to the Apprentice now scales instead of receiving the same bonus amount for each added Mentor. The exact values are still being tested and may be adjusted.
*** Zones and Population ***
- Group encounters in Lavastorm and Solusek's Eye will now drop treasure more frequently.
- Patrolling mobs should now be less likely to attack players in the Heart of Fear event.
– The following zones no longer have reuse timers if you fail the events inside:
   - Antonica: Firemyst Gully
   - Antonica: Foul Wind
   - Antonica: Freeport 15 Guild Raid
   - Antonica: Qeynos 15 Guild Raid
   - Antonica: Vanudozalon's Lair
   - Antonica: Arch Lich Uludan
   - Antonica: Darathar's Lair
   - The Temple of Cazic-Thule: Screaming Mace subzone
   - The Temple of Cazic-Thule: Sanctum of Fear
   - The Temple of Cazic-Thule: Niscanith's Lair
   - Everfrost: Menagerie
   - Everfrost: Tobrin's Eyepatch subzone
   - Everfrost: Ar'ticae's Lair
   - Fallen Gate: Vault of the Fallen
   - Fallen Gate: Trendaloz's Lair
   - Thieves' Way: Den of the Darkblade Assassins
   - Serpent Sewers: The Serpent's Lair
   - Orcish Wastes: Deathfist Citadel
   - Orcish Wastes: Deathfist Citadel, Draconic
   - Permafrost: King Drayek's Chamber
   - Permafrost: King Drayek's Chamber, Draconic
   - Permafrost: Crypt of Vox
   - Stormhold: Tomb of Valor
   - Thundering Steppes: Cove of Decay
   - Thundering Steppes: Treaty for Treasure
   - Thundering Steppes: Freeport 25 guild raid
   - Thundering Steppes: Qeynos 25 guild raid
   - Thundering Steppes: Mjolni's Lair
   - Thundering Steppes: Rognog the Angler
   - Ruins of Varsoon: Chamber of Immortality
   - Solusek's Eye: The Infernal Forge of Ages
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Game Designer, EverQuest II
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