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*** The Bloodline Chronicles ***
- We have made numerous tweaks and fixes to encounters, quests, and treasure drops across the Bloodline Chronicles zones. Thanks for your feedback!
- Devastation Fist: The casting time has been adjusted and the secondary effect on the spell is no longer maintained.
- Unyielding Will: The Death's Door effect informs Warriors that they will die when it expires.
- Spirit of the Bat will now provide power regeneration properly and will further increase the maximum size of the power pool. 
- Theft of Vitality will now debuff the stats of vampires without giving a beneficial effect to the party.

*** The Norrathian Express ***
- Your Inbox is now limited to a total of 50 messages, regardless of whether or not they have gifts attached.
- Mail recipient names can now have periods in them.
- If you walk away from the mailbox with an attached item on the Send tab, when you reopen the mail window the Send tab should be cleared.
- Norrathian Express mailboxes in some of the Qeynos villages were moved to be outside the inns.

*** Avoidance and Mitigation ***
- Instead of displaying a single value to express your character's defensive capabilities, your Persona window now separates AC into Avoidance and Mitigation.
- Avoidance represents your chance to avoid physical attacks. Mousing over the Avoidance value on your Persona window will show your overall chance to avoid attacks, and will indicate the value of your various avoidance-based skills and your shield if you have one equipped.
- Mitigation indicates how well your armor will absorb incoming physical damage. Mousing over the Mitigation value on your Persona window will show your overall absorption percentage against attacks at your level. Examining a piece of armor will show its relative mitigation value based on level, quality, and type of armor.
- Shields now display a Shield Factor to represent their relative usefulness.
- Both Mitigation and Avoidance percentages are based on defending yourself against an average opponent of your level. You will tend to mitigate and avoid better against weaker opponents and worse against stronger ones.

*** Sharing House Upkeep ***
- You can now only pay housing upkeep up to 28 days in advance.

*** Gameplay ***
- Rognog the Angler has decided to take a brief vacation, so admittance to his fishing area is temporarily closed.
- Crusaders should now properly receive the Axe and Great Axe skills.
- Locked NPCs will once again pursue you from up to 50 meters away before they break the encounter.

*** Spells and Combat Arts ***
- Ward spells will now work properly against the damage of DoT effects.
- Examining spells and combat arts that increase in power without an upper limit will show (Unlimited) as their mastery skill level.
- The range of damage shown when examining most spells or combat arts that initiate a melee attack will no longer change based on the weapon equipped. There are are few spells/arts (such as the Berserker's Fury art) that vary based on weapon type, but the overwhelming majority of spells and arts are not affected by weapons.
- Spells/arts received at a given level should now be granted at their correct tier.
- Gaining a new spell/art will no longer automatically scribe any upgrades you have in your inventory.
- Fixed an issue that caused spells that could be toggled off (like Sprint) to cancel non-related spells (like SoW).

*** Items ***
- Items that displayed the same resist value twice will now show their resists properly combined into a single value.
- Baby dragon eggs can once again be traded.
- The Albino Snakeskin Bag is now No Trade.
- Ortallian Blackhook Tunic should now equip in the chest slot instead of the leg slot.
- Vanguard Sabatons of Fortification will now reduce slashing/crushing/piercing damage by a smaller amount.

*** Quests ***
- Adventurers on the Feerrott access boat event should no longer get a new boat quest if they have already completed another version.
- The Invasion of the Vale quest will now be flagged as completed when the character enters the zone.
- Ellowys Laceleaf and Chel Morgan's quests now reward bags which are more in line with the challenge of the quest and to avoid impacting the crafted bag market. Bags that were previously awarded have not been reduced in size.

*** Tradeskills ***
- When harvesting from stones at all levels, rare clusters and gemstones will now be found about twice as often.

*** UI Files Updated ***
Steve Danuser, a.k.a. Moorgard
Game Designer, EverQuest II
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