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Old 03-07-2011, 11:51 AM   #1
Server: Permafrost
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Since the start of the expansion i've been having serious hate issues. As i progress its only getting worse. Its to the point now that if my tank is not a pally and i don't get amends....I appologize in advance.

Please dont tell me to learn how to play. I know. I can control my impulses to stab(sometimes).

What i cant figure out is what to do about it. I spike hate so hard and randomly, it often takes me by surprise.  I feel flustrated by the fact i lack the tools to do much about it. We have 2 deagros of such little value they might as well not exsist. Evasive manuers is a god send but on a 1 min timer is not enough.  I'm so desprite i've started specing points into ignorant bliss.

Can anyone else offer advice on what i can do to better control my hate issues?  And no please dont blame the tank.  I'm growing tired of having to break off the mob, stand in the corner and wait for the agro meter to fall. Often times auto attack alone is enough to hold me at a certain position.

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Old 03-10-2011, 05:29 PM   #2

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Still gunna say L2Play because I have 5 deaggros plus ignorant bliss.  Can't remember all the names but, evasive maneuvers, placating strike (still evaluating whether its worthwhile), tinkerer deaggro, evade, and the one that puts us into stealth. 

But seriously two points.  1) An assassin SHOULD be able to rip aggro pretty much at will.  That's how it used to be.  It's the price all T1 DPS should pay for being T1 DPS.  Do as much as you can without ripping aggro.  It was much more fun back in the days before the hate meter too. 

2) I have noticed what appears to be a legitimate issue with hate transfers.  If I stand at max range against a giant I will pull aggro always, even if the pally has me amended.  I'm guessing its simply a max range on those transfers being slightly shorter than (or maybe equal to) the max range of our attacks.  Last expansion, I only had trouble with shadow step.  But I think the huge hit boxes of the giants in this expansion are just creating too much distance between me and the tank.  I really don't know if this is the actual issue, but try to stand closer to your tank, it's been working well for me for the past week or so.  Its much more noticeable with a pally, so if I didn't usually run with one, I probably wouldn't have figured it out by now.

Oh and make sure you're using evasive maneuvers correctly.  Its next to worthless when you have aggro.  Gotta hit it before that point.  Works best for me when I'm in the 80's, but that will depend a lot on the rest of the group.  If there's another high DPSer with me, I try to use all of my other deaggros first to try and get below him on the hate meter, then use evasive and if I do it right, I'll see the number get cut in half a lot of times.

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Old 03-21-2011, 01:00 PM   #3

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I'm a Guardian and my wife is an Assassin and we have been having this trouble. I reduce her agro 25%, she transfers her 19% hate to me and I take another 15% of her hate with my baby amends and she still rips off me basically at will. I have to save moderate for whatever DPS class I have in group.

Now I had to focus on gear with Stamina and try to keep my mitigation and avoidance up while I did that so I'm behind on Critical Chance. I'm in 130% range and she's well over 200% and has like 200% MA, 100 potency and 100 crit bonus.

I had to respec some AA's and change an adornment or two to get over 40% hate mod solo (give me a dirge or coercer and I can watch a movie and tank). I'm hoping that once I get my crit chance up to the 200% range then I can keep agro off her easier. Right now she does 4-8 times the damage I do and I can keep agro off her but it's a strugle.

Give tanks a bit of time to get the proper stats to worked out to work with you. Amends is such a big crutch at the beginning of a mechanics change but in 3 months Paladins will be saying it doesn't help at all since they all have their stats worked out again.

One thing that might help you is if you put a message out when your going for a consealment chain. I usually do a target lock on the mob when my wife is working one of those as she is climbing the agro metere in big chunks and then do a rescue after words to get back on top of agro. With a target lock I can be below 100% agro and still keep the mob on me but rescue will put me back on top.

The definition of Crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
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