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I think I have a pretty good AA spec now that seems to be working well for me and what my raid force is currently tackling.

What I could use some help with is with optimizing my cast order.

I usually open up with Mark then debuffs then dots/bleeds. 

Then with taking into account any AEs and having to joust I proceed to start conceal chain.   For most fights I use all the stealth attacks except Assissinate in my chain.   I leave assissinate for the chain I use with PFT once mob is under 30%.

Other things I do is try to tie things that are on similar or equal timers together.  I also try to use tie Exacting with Death Mark when possible.

When waiting for next conceal chain I will reapply dots/bleeds and debuffs as they come up.

I try to time auto-attacks when I can but not during a chain.

Is there a optimal order to the stealth attacks during a concealment or PFT chain?

Is there a optimal order to the debuffs and bleeds?

What about the non debuff, dot or conceal attacks.......is there any optimal timing or such with those.....atm I just sorta use them whenever.   I do try to make sure Death Blow is used most when mob is under 20%.

ATM on raids both by Crit and MA are over 100%, my CB is typicall right around 100 and potency in the mid 80s.....ability modifier is around 1300 and agi just shy of 2k.

I am almost always in the MT group with Guard, Temp, Defiler, Coercer and Dirge.

I just dont think I am parsing anywhere near where I should given my gear and such. SMILEY   I look at parses I see on flames and such and wonder [Removed for Content] im doing wrong.  On named raid fights where the script doesnt speciifically hinder DPS i am anywhere between 35-50k.  I lose out even on ST often to our Warlock and Wizards.....not by a huge amount but still.

I am at work ATM and cant remember the names of all our abilities but I might post later with specfic names and order I do things in.

Any advice would be helpful.......and just all around curious how other assassins order their attacks.


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