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This update should occur around 3pm PST.





Sleeper's Tomb: The Forgotten Catacombs

Frost can now be interrupted with an item acquired from within the zone.




Prestige Abilities that terminate their buffs on death should now only do so when the player actually died.



Cover of Darkness is now 2.5 seconds per rank.

Cunning and Deceit now modifies Thieves Guild to gain triggers that increase Crit Bonus. This works in the exact same way as the base effect.



Pirate's Swordplay should trigger its damage properly.

Dashing Flourish no longer has the Weapon Damage component restricted by number of hits. There is no longer an incremental component and the duration is now 10 seconds. The amount of Weapon Damage Bonus reduced is now 7.5.

Pirate's Retaliation now applies a trigger of extra damage to every target hit by Dashing Flourish. It triggers when the enemies attack and hits them and one additional enemy.

Dazzle is now 6 Multi-Attack Chance reduced per rank.

Dashing Inspiration is now Dashing Dance. It halves the base reuse of Dance of Metal and removes the casting time.

Seafury Thrust no longer has a trigger limit. It also does 15% damage increase to non-epic targets.

Proper Stance now grants the group additional threat reduction (or increase for non-Reckless fighters) by 5% of the physical damage they inflict per rank.



Rot Flesh no longer has a trigger limit. It also does 15% damage increase to non-epic targets.

Entropic Protection is now Entropic Perception. It now grants the group additional threat reduction by 10% of the magical damage they inflict per rank. Non-Reckless fighters will not have their threat adjusted.



Arrow Salvo also reduces the base reuse speed of Storm of Arrows to 90 seconds and the base casting speed to 1 second.

Crippling Salvo is now Hidden Salvo. Following the use of Rapid Salvo, the ranger's threat with their target will be reduced by 5% of the damage they inflict per rank.



Intensified Carnage now applies bonus damage if Carnage triggers when the assassin is flanking or behind their target.



Caustic Detonation will properly consume Toxic Aura.



Ro's Power now increases the base damage of Incineration before potency.

Frozen Detonation will properly consume Frozen Solid.




Primary components will automatically select themselves again when you only need one.

Quantity crafting should be a lot more reliable when using components from a depot.

Refined items will now show the "REFINED" item tag.




Many quests within Obol Plains now have house items.

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