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This update should occur around 5pm PST.





All Classes

Chains of Eternity Prestige Area of Effect abilities that were hitting 6 targets now hit 8 targets.



Illusionary Vigor is now Potency and 1.5% per increment.

Chromatic Devastation is now Peaceful Devastation which lowers the base reuse of Peace of Mind to 96 seconds.

Energizing Aura now radiates 5% crit bonus per rank to group members within 20 meters of them.

Barrier of Energy is now Energy Conservation. It reduces power cost to group members by 4% per rank while Energizing Aura is active.

Critical Energy is now Aura of Tranquility. It now grants a 10/20/30% chance for non-fighters in the illusionist's group to trigger a detaunt when attacking. With no stats, the detaunt is about 20,000 maximum.

Energy Overload is now Illusionary Platemail and increases max health of the group by 10%, and mitigation by about 4,000 at level 95. It no longer has a reuse. Only applies to scouts and mages.



Coerced Intensity is now Crit Bonus and 1.5% per increment.

Mind Control is no longer an incremental buff and now uses standard triggers.

Mind Mastery still increases the number of triggers.

Ether Assault now increases the damage of Ether Balance by 33%/66%/100%.

Etherwave now increases the trigger count of Ether Balance.

Ether Balance now has a 10% chance to trigger rather than 100% and is no longer an incremental buff, instead using standard triggers.

Tides of Ether is now Peaceful Assault which lowers the base reuse of Peace of Mind to 96 seconds.



Necrotic Lifeforce is now 0.5% max health per increment.



Conjure Armor is now Conjure Elements. It has a 5%/10%/15% chance to trigger one of three spells. Firelord makes Elemental Blast, Elemental Toxicity, Fiery Annihilation and Blazing Avatar cast instantly. Windlord makes Crystal Blast, Ice Storm, Vampire Bats and Winds of Velious cast instantly. Eathlord halves the reuse time of Elemental Barrier, Stoneskin, Stoneskins and Sacrifice. These effects dispel once triggered.

Burning Reflection is now Armor of Earth and applies mitigation to all damage types to the group for a short duration following Earthlord triggering. The amount is 418 per rank at level 95.

Energizing Winds now grants a single trigger to each member of the conjuror's group, including pets when Windlord triggers. This triggers a damage proc when the ally attacks that hits up to 8 targets.

Water Infusion is now Lingering Flames. Lingering Flames grants 12 triggers of heat damage when Flamelord triggers. The damage is the same value of Energizing Winds.

Stone Armor is now Flickering Flames. It modifies Flameshield to grant 7.5% Extra Dodge Chance to the target.





Rallos Signature line charms no longer proc in PVP combat.

You can now upgrade your level 92 Immortal gear into level 95 Imperial gear via an upgrade merchant in Champion's Respite.




Fixed Favor of Innovation for level 90+ crafters. You should now get level appropriate rewards for successfully countering this reaction art.

Weaponsmiths can now make rhenium shurikens. This recipe has been retroactively added to the Grandmaster Weaponsmith's Basic Compendium, Volume II.

Robust and Savant's versions of Freedom of Action/Mind potions have been added to level 95 alchemist recipe books.

The odds of getting a frozen mana from transmuting level 90+ fabled+ gear has been increased.

The pelt reward for completing the level 30 Tradeskill Apprentice daily quest should now stack with other level 30 pelts.

Tradeskill commissioning should be working once again.




Decorations are now stackable.




Obool Plains: Quest NPCs in Cardin Ward are being moved around due to art adjustments.

Tsarr Kurr should now spawn properly for the quest Fearful Intelligence.

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