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This update should occur around 7pm PST.





Fixed a crash related to spirit stones.

Fixed a bug where several quest items would not work when they should.

The Distance Meter now defaults to off. You can enable it again via Options>User Interface>Name and Chat Bubble.




Training dummy health has been increased.

Training dummies now have the ability to be set to immortal.  This will automatically full heal the dummy when they die.  This can be toggled on and off via right clicking the dummy when not in combat.

You should be able to place and use altars in guild halls. Anyone who has access to the hall should be able to use the altar.





Prestige Abilities that required the group to strike a death blow to gain a buff now work if anyone in the raid strikes the death blow. The buff still applies to the caster's group.


Obol Plains

Collections for the Obol Plains are now active.


Eidolon Jungle

Collections for the Eidolon Jungle are now active.

Spirit Toxin is now less deadly.

Curse of Madness will no longer spread between players while in raid instances.


Sleeper's Lower: The Forgotten Catacombs [Advanced Solo]

Frost can now be interrupted with an item acquired from within the zone.





Feral Fangs and Feral Whirl should trigger properly.



Burning Intensity now increments properly.



Nightblade's Intensity now increments properly.



Truespirit's Ferocity now increments properly.




Lesser Adornment recipes will now reward up to 10 Lesser Adornments.

Greater Adornment recipes will now reward up to 3 Greater Adornments.

Superior Adornment recipes should remain unchanged and result only a single result.




When using a one item only adornment remover you will only get one adornment back, even if the item has several of the same adornment on it.

You can no longer use an adornment remover on an equipped item.




Made some general improvements to the Tidal Waves quest, and fixed a bug that prevented the event from resetting if the boss was killed.

Feral lujien now properly updates the quest, A Lujien Fang.

Quest icons now appear on ethershades required for the quest, Ethershade Parley.

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