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Hey Berserkers  got a question,

I just recently started playing again after taking a few years off from game.

Me and the wife would like to try another fighter/healer duo(previous was me inq, wife sk)

Being new to a warrior class do you think berserker or paladin has a steeper learning curve?

And in the long run which is more fun to play doing strictly duo content.

I have leveled both to about 24 other to 25 and still can not decide.

Thanks for any advice you guys&gals can give

PS wife has leveled both a templar and warden to 24ish as well and like both so not sure if the pairing matters.

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   Never played a pally but I've played an sk and I prefer my zerker. I've done a lot of duo'ing with my wife who plays an inquisitor. Absolute blast with the pairing. That being said play the pair ya'll enjoy the most. I think you'd burn through mobs faster with a zerker/fury combo but have more stability with a pally/templar combo.

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