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This is listed in the AB leaderboards as Nephredil's Island Getaway.  It's the TT Island under Nephredil, S. Qeynos.

After a long day of adventuring, Neph heads home to her wonderful Island Getaway!  After zoning in, you see a neat sidewalk leading away from the Druid Portal.  SMILEY

To the right, you see the barn, and straight ahead you see the Wizard spires ready to port her around, in case she's so tired she doesn't want to take too many extra steps.  There's also a door on the end of the barn leading to her guild hall in case she forgot to empty her bags before heading home.

Inside the barn are some old faithful friends that have earned a well-deserved rest from hauling Neph around Norrath.  They each have a trough of water and hay, and a bucket of a favorite type of meat.  There is also an extra spot in the corner for any visiting mounts that need some refreshing.

At the end of the barn are supplies and some non-living mounts that need some tinkering on before being useful again.

Upstairs is the butler's quarters.  He does alot around the house for Neph, so she tried to give him an area of his own to relax in.

There's also a house portal area (for the other project houses and various warehouses) and an area for items for sale.

On to the main house!  Down a long, fenced walkway we see a relaxing area so sit and enjoy the peaceful water fountain and listen to the birds.  Through the windows can be glimpsed a couple pretty paintings in the front hall.

To the left of the front door.....

......to the right of the front door.

Continueing the left is the living room, with a nice rock fireplace.....

....and into the office/workroom.  Neph is an alchemist, so you'll find plenty of useful bottles and such all around.

(forgot to put the books in...may have to unlist for a little while to do that.....)

Back through the LR, and continueing to the right of the door, we come to the kitchen.....

The stove, oven, refridgerator, and more bottles for experimenting with.....

....and a dry sink area (currently with water in it.)

A breakfast nook for those times a cozy table is preferred over the formal one.  Also, a little TV area, where you can sit and read or have a laugh at a funny show.

Turning left from the TV area is the formal Dining Room.

Fully stocked buffet area, with many varieties of food to satisfy the hungriest halfling!

The butler stands at the ready near the entrance to the D.R.

Head out the door near the TV room and you'll see the master suite to the left.....

....and a wonderful little garden to the right.

Oh no! The crow broke the scarecrow!

Back to the master suite, we see a lovely glass doorframe around the door.

The master bath is in the corner.....

....with some soothing pictures inside to look at while in there.

There is also a music conservatory back behind the house.  It is octagonal in shape and built out of the finest marble and stained glass found in Norrath.  The roof is simply beautiful and gives the second floor such an open, airy feeling.

The first floor, with instruments and sculptures galore!

The second floor affords a place to sit and relax before a fire while listening to the beautiful music.

The stone sidewalk leading to the beach in front of the house.

A little camping spot for some weary visitors.

And look!  A dinosaur....guarding somebody....but who could it be!  It's Qho! He'll neeeeveeerrr get out now!!!!

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Great work! I particularly thought the conservatory was beautiful SMILEY


Click Image for link to decorating consolidated works website

Consolidated Works Fourm Thread
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Hello there, thanks for sharing your wonderful work. I really enjoyed the upstairs Butler quarters, the wonderful little garden, the master suite & bath and the fully stocked buffet. One question, when do we eat?

SMILEY Kind Regards,


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Wow!! This is great.  I just love the conservatory!

Going by the number of portals you have there - you are going to be mighty busy SMILEY

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Love that purple building. Very unique.

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Thanks guys! It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, and quite the learning experience to play around with the layout editor.  This is my first house that I've ever used it on, and had to get my hubby to help with a lot of things. SMILEY

Seertam - not all those portals are for projects....a great many of them are just warehouses.  My hubby and I share warehouses, and we make a different one for each them, ie. frostfell, grottoes, city festivals, etc.

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