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It seems that many quests are given very late, especially the most recent ones.

As example the funny quest in which you gather stones for a crazy aviak that love to throw stones on people, is like level 60. You can complete that quest at or even earlier.

The only quests not proposed should be "red" quests. Oranges ones should always be proposed.

The most annoying aspect is that two quests requiring you do confront almost the same monsters may be offered with up to 4-5 levels of difference.

The case of tenebrous tangle is strinking, you can probably complete most of the quest in the low 50 but nothing open before 55 and some quests (like killing bixies or faeries) are even offered in the late 50.

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I believe this is the wrong forum, should've been posted under the "quests" forum.

On another note, another annoying issue that I found while leveling through KoS on an alt is that a lot of the quests have rewards that are not usable for a few levels.  I remember one quest being doable at 63ish and having rewards that could not be used until arond 68.

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