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The descriptions of the abilities in the Wisdom line no longer have the "offhand empty" requirement listed in the descriptions. I am pretty sure they (or at least some) once did.

a) has the restriction actually been lifted, and

b) if so, do we now have a viable line?

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Yes, the Wisdom line changed a few months ago.  Maybe even 6 months at this point.  I lose track.

Is the Wisdom line viable?  Yes, it completely is.  The end line Coule ability is very powerful, though it really isn't something that you can permanently chain up.  Also as of Vellious, the Multi-Attack cap is being removed.  Therefore the chance to get free MA from your AA choices is also attractive.

On a side note, a -5% Potency debuff was also added to the Strength end line ability to make it balance out with the new Coule ability.

Currently Rogue AA lines seem to be using Str to end line (maxing out Crit Chance), Agi to end line (maxing out Avast Ye), Wis to end line (maxing out MA), 1 pt into Int line for Boot Dagger, 8 pts in Ability Reuse, 8 pts in Potency, 6 pts in Accuracy, and 4 pts in Dance of Metal.  That's the basic build which I'm using on my Brigand and most of the other Rogues I've talked to have something similar.  A few people are still using the Stamina line for the +10% max health AA option, but most people shifted those points into Wisdom once the tree was revised.

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