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So I will start out by saying that I had already completed basically all of EJ and somewhere around half of Obol quests before they bumped up the quest XP and lowered the XP needed to level.

So I just finished all the quests in the expansion and I am 63% into 93, even if I take into account the increased XP gain that I would have gotten from the EJ and Obol quests I had already the XP gain per quest was not doubled.  

I plan to beta copy my monk and run the quests on her but I expect that she'll be maybe 94 by the time I've completed all of the quests in the xpack, which means that questing is still not a viable option for lvling all the way to 95 SMILEY

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I definitely wont get you to level 95 alone.  It could be part of a path to 95 including grinding solo instances if your playstyle does not include group/raid content.

I agree that one path is not enough to get to 95 alone, they seem to be pushing for us to use all leveling paths to get there, which has its pros and cons.  For some that play in all kinds of content, they are happier, but those that choose to play in one playstyle, there is not enough to get to max without some grinding.

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