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* Progression in raid gear got broken. Some items from older zones are now better then aktual avatar drops. While i can understand that thinks like to high % base damage cause trouble in the next expansion, i dont understand why these changes will not be made when the new expansion starts. This changes nearly middle of an expasion causes trouble in many guild with an ongoing DKP system, and many player quit cause they are frustated. If an system of Item decay will follow, why making these changes still at this point ? Makes no sense to me.

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  • Getting lagged out due to rendering dozens of player pets (dumbfire, diety, controlled). Please consider an option to hide all third-party pets.
  • Getting overburdened due to low Strength on a Mage, since it is not their primary stat. This makes it extremely tedious to mentor low level characters. Please consider decoupling carrying capacity and the Strength attribute.
  • Remedy (and other) potions all look the same, making it difficult to use them in combat. Please consider updating the potion icons to reflect the purpose. For example, an elemental remedy potion could use the red vial graphic, but with an elemental detriment/cure graphic overlay on the icon. (Also, please consider reducing/removing the reuse timer on remedy potions, given the ridiculous amount of curing necessary in TSO.)
  • Abandoning "unique" class hat appearance restrictions. However, since it's done, please make all hat appearances available to all classes, without resorting to rare loot cards.
  • Loss of masters due to betrayal. I understand that some amount of penalty is intended, and that masters from one class don't map cleanly to another class. However, betrayal is increasingly used to compensate for percieved balance issues (class, diety, city, etc) that are beyond player control, and the requirement to upgrade any new arts for the new class is a sufficient penalty already. Please consider permanently storing and utilizing the highest quality of each art the player has earned in each class.
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Server: Mistmoore

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-> 'Always chat here' command on chat boxes does not apply to shift + clicking items. If I shift click item in my equipped slots it goes to right box, but if I shift click a link someone sent me, or from an examine, it goes to my secondary chat box I rarely use.

-> Lack of Armored Bunny Mounts in game.

-> Half Elf racial stuff . . . Half Elves are rogues from the start, they're part elf so thats a + right there, and secondly weren't half elves hated by both elves and humans for not being pure either way? Out casts. . . Rogues from the start . . . Can we get the actual scout character development that has something more useful than increased drink duration?

-> Run speed stuff . . . how the heck can we humans possibly run faster than mounts? My two main characters I play both can out-run mounts that are in game. Faster mounts?


Thats all,


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1. In the persona window please sort the languages we have learned in alphabetical order   

2. Please please please please please fix voice chat once and for all ever since you have upgraded the system it has never worked right  

3. Shard mounts have little or no vertical jump at ll, also it seems that if a peeble is in there way they will get stuck instead of just walking over it like you could when not on your mount  

4. Memory Leak I know the dev team has been working hard on it, but this needs to be top prority not fun for anyone to crash all the time  

5. Also atleast for me when you are in a zone and you finish a quest the mini quest journal just disappears, this never used to happen it would select the next quest inline 

6. Most people in this game have more than one character and most people have a nice house i would like it to be possible that if you are a trustee of a house of another character on your acct the guild door would ask you which house i would like to go to. Do I really need a 5 bedroom house for each toon because some are good and some are evil? 

7. I know its the whole void thing but please stop the purple armor for everything 

8. If I have to chat windows with multiple tabs one on the left and one on the right, and I choose always chat here for the right window. If I examine an item i have clicked in lets say 70-79 chat and I want to link that in guild chat when i click or try to link the item it always goes to the left window no matter what I try 

9. Hotkeys / keymapping unless i am doing somethign wrong or dont know of some command I have to have the same hotkey setup for all my toons (ex. insert key is mapped to alt + 1) Just like have a load save for graphics ui i would like a load save for keymaps

10. Zone intro movies please add a /cl command to disable them I dont need to see the nht movie every time i zone in or the pof movie after killing varsoon

11. When using tinkered overclocked manastone and feign death if i have multiple stacks it takes 1 from each stack instead of using one stack til it is gone

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Thankyou for the chance to put these somewhere.

* The trial stone in Sanctum of the Scaleborn is way too impossible to find for an old zone. This is especially true since it is required by the questline in there. Please either increase it's drop rate or allow us to automatically trigger the even if we're on that step of the quest.

* The same is true for the runes in Living Tombs. Some of them are very hard to find.

* Please either let us have a seperate maintained window for dots or have the spell refresh timers be the same as the spell duration.

* I don't know if/when Feerrott is scheduled to be redone, but can we please get a quick transport from the docks to Cazic Thule? Something like the cannon in Zek.

* Would be nice if some of the old raid zones had the option of being group zones. The original questline for Disturbance gets to the point where you can't do it unless you can find someone willing to go in and help because the mobs are all epic. It would be nice to be able to finish it.

* Can we please have the option to turn off the intro movies? It's annoying to zone into WOE every time and have to wait through the lag as everyone's movie starts just so I can hit escape to get out of it.

* I would love to be able to group house objects, like a bookcase that's been filled with books so I can move it across the room without giving up two days of my life to do so.

* Someone suggested giving us spells for fluff pets and illusions, can I second this please? They all sit in my bank never used because I need the inventory space

* Please, no more void storylines.

*Would be completely fantastic if the old world zones could be modified so the harvesting nodes worked like the new ones so they don't get over filled with bush and mine nodes all the time. If not, can we get a food harvesting quest in lavastorm? This is my favorite zone to harvest t5 in, but that halfling doesn't seem to want any of the food from in there.

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Server: Permafrost
Guild: League of the Extraordinary

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Caster Resists far greater than melee "misses"

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  • Not being able to queue item use.  I can hit the hotkey for a spell while another is casting, but do that with a hotkey tied to an item and you get 'Already Casting'.
  • All TSO raid mobs flagged as NOMEMWIPE, not only making an ability of two classes useless but two newly introduced AAs in TSO that modified them useless as well.
  • Lack of diversity in effects on mage raid loot, particularly from the high end.  They all seem to have +6-7 Spell crit chance and +2-3 Spell crit bonus.  There are other effects out there, please use them.
  • Apparent lack of communication between developers, leading to things like the NOMEMWIPE/AA situation above.
  • Reliance on color to distinguish different classes of abilities in game (background color of icons meaning what kind of attack, color of poisons determining what stacks with what, color of shinies).  It makes it hard on those of us who are at least partially colorblind.
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Managing Shared Bank is a bit of a nightmare.  Adding an Auto-deposit area in the Shared bank that works the same as the area for the character bank would be a great addition.  I end up with the same collectable in three different containers in my Shared Bank as it stands now.


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I know the intent is to select just one item that bugs me the most.  That would have to be the lack of a goddess of Love to worship in-game.  I have two characters whose concepts at creation were based around worship of Erollisi, and every time more lore comes out about what happened to her, the game gets just that much more frustrating.  One of those two characters is saving up all of her sacrificable items in anticipation of being able to sacrifice them on an altar, but that goal seems farther and farther away every year.  Please, provide some sort of resolution here.

I know that's a big huge thing, so as far as little things that bug me, I'll repeat my item from last time: I can't switch my XP bar to show AA XP because I don't have the Kingdom of Sky expansion, even though I do have the Echoes of Faydwer expansion.

Powers  &8^]

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Ohh I have a list:

1. MORE AAs - These need to be expanded upon drastically. 200 AA is WAY WAY WAY too low, give the players who are at the cap a reason to login. At the moment there is no way to progress your character once you reached 200 AAs apart from gear.  I want to have one toon who is amazing rather than 5 lvl 80/200 toons.

2. Resists - You know if someone takes the trouble to get 15k heat resists by switching gear, being grouped with perfect buffers etc it REALLY needs to make a difference. At the moment resists in this game are so pointless it makes me want to cry. The only resist you need is health, hence the reason why nobody wants druids and everyone wants Templars/Shamans.

3. New zones suck, old zones rock - Here it is in a basket, I want a lvl 80 version of Antonica/Commonlands. The old zones had soul and heart, the new zones feel like you are placed upon a conveyor belt and they suck.

4. NO MORE VOID RUBBISH - Nobody cares, I want high fantasy, dragons/orcs/goblins etc anything but X-Files wannabe monsters.

5. On my illusionist it takes me 15 clicks to buff everyone. Individual tandems, IA, TC etc and I normally have to chase people around to buff them. Its annoying, its stupid and makes zero sense.

6.  Mob is immune to stun/daze/stifle/mez - Really do something about this.

7. Performance - It wasnt until I played Aion that I realised how pathetic performance in EQ2 is. 90fps maxed out in Aion, and in EQ2 I get like 20/30fps on medium settings.

8. Casting animations - As mentioned in another thread there needs to be a text alternative. Most people raid with minimum graphics/particle effects as this is the only way to see casting animation.

9.  I'd love a instance designed for 2/3 people max.

10. More detail on spells - The current system is rubbish. I add a item with +100 spell dmg, check the difference in my spells and see something completely different. I need to know the current max dmg a spell can do with my +base dmg stuff applied, how near I am to the cap for a spell etc. Just useful information, though honestly with the way this game is going I dont see this happening soon.

11. I want something new, I want to fly a dragon. Vanguard had it, Aion has it, why doesnt EQ2.

12. If lvl 80-90 is the same as the previous tiers then you will lose players. We want INNOVATION not just another tier with exactly the same stuff but with lvl 80-90 tagged on.

13. I have over 4000 plat and not a damm thing to buy. Completely and utterly ridiculous. I know people with 10,000+ plat! I want to see mounts that cost 5000k plat, this game needs huge money sinks. At the moment plat is becoming totally worthless.

14. If another mob roots me as I run by it I will scream.

15. Heritage Items suck, seriously whats the point they suck.

16. I want my weapons to get better the more stuff I kill, almost like a achievement system for weapons. I believe LOTRO has a system like this, yet more ways to make your toon unique is needed.

17. The forum mod has little or no idea what she is talking about in terms of mechanics and is way too free with the ban/warning button. Its pathetic and makes the forums a almost pointless place to discuss anything game related.

18. Carpenters need a online or in game brochure to see all the stuff they can make.

19. Guild event calendar with signup feature.

20. Cities are a wasteland, good job on that.

Overall with a few heavy duty MMO's scheduled to come out next year and also WOW's new expansion  i'd say massive changes are needed as at the moment this game is stale and dying fast.

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Here is what bugs me the most!

  • Not being able to hide my mount.
  • Not being able to cast a different mount while in an instance.
  • Not being able to get old avatar items that no longer drop (T7 Stoneskin boots).
  • The fact that some anonymous defiler is bugging the Worldwide Top HP Leaderboard. 
  • The lack of high DPS 2-handed weapons.
  • TSO "Void" armor appearance - It all looks the same and it's awful.


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1) Linking accounts. I have mutilple accounts and I cannot move any heirloom items to any of my Alts. Please fix this.

2) Lack of unique Bow graphics. I'm tired of seeing several bows have the same bow graphic.

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  • Dynamic Data for Detrimental/Effects
  • Eliminate1 of (or combine) the 2 different Con systems
  • Complete Broker window Overhaul
  • remove hard coding in the group & target windows
  • add a 2nd type of chat window with no input area for "display only"
  • allow window resizing from right to left or from bottom to top 
  • Examine windows should dyamically update with new values when you adorn items


  • fix shelves that wont hold items
  • up the item count again
  • add a new tier of house - bigger!
  • more wall/floor customizations
  • there are still a number of books that count in your item total - make them like other no-count books
  • Add housing in Mara & New Tunaria


  • lag in Guildhalls needs addressed!
  • make zoning take less time - or give me something to look at while doing it - or both!
  • fix mem leaks / out of memory crashes
  • Moors Ballons need a speed boost!
  • have "bonus xp" events on weekdays sometimes!
  • get rid of Aliens in my Fantasy game - no more "void creatures" from other dimensions!


  • Hire a Dev to play a brawler - thats all I'm saying
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there still being no autoattack choice so rangers dont have to rely on the /autoattack 2 macro only to have it fail more often than not to serverside lag

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I only have one that is the most annoying to me:

Maintained effects window: I need an option to show/hide various effects depending on what I want to see. The list of effects is almost always running off the bottom of the screen. Especially as templar when I have 6 hateshield effects and 10 cure reactives. It makes it impossible to track the effects I need to track, such as my single target and group reactive healing spells.

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Totems - make them 1 use and stackable to 100, just like potions/poisions

Razgar, 90 Dirge/90 Jeweler, Antonia Bayle
Jardor, 90 Assassian/90 Tailor, Antonia Bayle
Jardon, 90 Guardian/90 Woodworker, Antonia Bayle
Raztok, 90 Troubador/90 Alchemist, Antonia Bayle
Jardok 90 Bruiser/90 Weaponsmith, Antonia Bayle
Razmer, 90 Zerker/90 Armorer, Antonia Bayle
Jarrel, 90 Brig/90 Provisioner, Antonia Bayle
Raznyk, 80 Wizard/90 Carpenter, Antonia Bayle
Jazdar, 90 Inquisitor/90 Sage, Antonia Bayle
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Bugs. The game has a huge amount of great content, the main frustration are long standing bugs that interupt gaming.

Doing the City Quest raids with both a good and an evil city often puts the characters in two different instances requiring a call to a GM to fix.

Zoning, especially into houses, often results in haninging at waiting for server (I haven't noticed it as much recently; perhaps it was improved?). At the very least if the connection is lost, the game should figure that out itself and re-establish it, without the player having to relaunch, and then go through the your-character-is-already-in-the-game-try-again-later messages.

Also, the chat window could really use an overhaul. It has great promise. When I first saw it I thought each tab could be configured indepently of the other, so one might have all messages of interest, another just /tells, another just guild chat. But when you turn on an option for something , say guild chat, in one tab, it seems to be disabled in another. I'm always going back and forth fiddling with settings; changing the setting in one tab shouldn't have any effect on another. So in conclusion, changing the settings in one tab of a chat window should not affect the settings in another; it should be possible to turn tells on in multiple windows for example. Also you should be able to select something to be logged, whether or not there is a tab displaying it.


Oh! Thought of something else. Integrate voice chat with the raid or group display. As it is, we have two boxes with redundant information, one which displays everyone in the raid with health and power and such, and one that displays everyone where it lights up whent they talk and lets us change their volume. It would be fantastic if names in the raid box also would light up when they were speaking, and if we could also adjust volume by rightclicking on names in the raid box, so we could close the voice-window and wouldn't have to have two open windows both listing everyone in the raid.

Erikamouse on Antoniabayle
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Re-emphesis for attention:

-  Deeper storyline immersion.  No more VOID lore.  It's boring.  It doesn't work.   The whole alien menace bit killed EQ immersion.  Please don't continue down this path.   Giants, Dragons and Gods..oh my!

-  Less curses/dots/detrimentals on raid encounters.   Timing a click of a potion or spell != fun.

- Greater interaction with raid encounters a-la Xygoz.  That's one of the most enjoyable fights I've been involved in.

-  Upgradable HQ rewards such as the Manastone or JBoots.

Thank you for your attention

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Xao June

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[email protected] wrote:

Not being able to get old avatar items that no longer drop (T7 Stoneskin boots).


WTB an instance where we can call up any non TSO avatar (add TSO avatars to it with the expansion).

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Maybe this is already possible and I just don't know how, but I'd like a way to turn autoconsume on or off on an item from within a macro. That way I could create macros to enable or disable consumption of food and use of poison, so as not waste them when rp'ing.

And I really like the appearance slots you added for weapons. I'd like to see an invisible weapon made available, sort of like the "imperceptible beauty" items that make various pieces of armor invisible. I like my character to appear to be fighting one handed (it looks better to me, and it's how imagine her from an rp perspective), and I want to be free to have that while still weilding two weapons if that's superior from a min-max perspective.

Erikamouse on Antoniabayle
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In BETA and the test server items/gear are always released late and never tested as much as they should.  Please create a zone in test and BETA where you can purchase items and test them out on dummys.(Maybe a dev guildhall)  I understand the concern of people using these items while testing content might invalidate the content side of testing so make them temporary/no zone then, but at least let us test the stuff before it goes live.

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- duration of totems is too short. Please double it at least.

- tradeskilling: Some tradeskills are very easy to level due to amount of recipes (sage, alchy e.g.), some are horrible (e.g. woodworker). Maybe add recipes for ornate only items without stats if you can't come up with real stuff. There is no reason some tradeskills should be a pain to level compared to others.

- Griffon Towers in thundering steppes: Please add a tower to docks. Postioning of towers is worst in TS of all zones.

- let us hide pvp titles or get rid of them completely. The current mechanism of fame decay even if not online makes titles meaningless. Only people that get something from the current title system are those who play 24/7 or just keep their char afk online forever. If u only pvp at some days or hours per day you will stay hunter forever anyway regardless of your kill streak or skills.

- more developer investment in pvp. Simply said, develop something that adds more variety to pvp than the common ganking in Kylong Plains. Maybe spawn at the same timesome kind of pvp banner in 3 different zones and announce it server wide. The faction that can hold all banners for a given time period gets some reward. E.g. access to a special pvp merchant selling some special pvp potions, increase of token reward to 6 instead of 5 for the next couple of hours etc. Please keep pvp in the open zones. No instanced pvp.

- make exiles a real faction or get rid of them in pvp. This might also help that not one faction completely dominates pvp. Usually two minor factions will support each other against the dominating one (have a look at DaoC if u want to get an impression).

- please ask your developers responsible for classes to have a look at least once a month at every class forum they are responsible for. And please ask them to give a reply to at least the most active/current topics. Even if it is just a "Have seen it, but no changes planned so far". Currently the only impression I get is that noone from SOE cares even if there are topics with many pages for a long time.

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Make it possible to equip and use an item from within a macro. Right now I believe it attempts to use the item before it's equipped and fails.

Actually, I'd like to be able to create a single macro to equip my earrings of the solstice, use them, equip hadden's earring, use that, then equip the earring I'll actually use in combat, turn autoconsume on all poisons and on food and drink, and to enable all my buffs. ^^

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Summarized Annoyance = Allow us to sell Shard Items not being used to shard merchants for refund on shards used in creating / purchasing them originally.

*I know I'm not alone in my enjoyment in leveling alts here...I've leveled nearly every class to 80. My complaint here has to do with TSO Xpac, and it's time sink for shards.

I have 3 toons that I focus on at end game, I desire the best for them...and strive to gear them out. I do however, enjoy leveling new toons, and at least making them playable in current content. Shard grinding just ruins it for me.

Having to grind out 100's of shards just to be able to survive in newer content (TSO Instances) is tedious and boring. Could I make a suggestion?

**Since TSO is well on it's way out, and new content is coming, could you make it possible for us to "cash in" on older shard gear, etc? How about the shard merchants being given the ability to purchase old shard armor for a fee or whatnot...and give the character the shards spent on said item in return.  (those 5 pieces of t2 that didn't need to be turned in to upgrade to t4, or the jewelry that helped along the way until ya got a nice fabled piece to replace it...just rotting in bank)

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*on reflection decided to delete this*

Erikamouse on Antoniabayle
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*     Lack of new contested raid content.

*     Trauma ae's that cannot be jousted by mages.

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I don't like that there is nothing for me to spend my pp on anymore.  I used to love going to the broker, searching through and finding an upgrade.  The excitement of finally seeing that Master I I'd been watching for.  Now nothing on there is an upgrade anymore (all the upgrades to void armor are obviously heirloom/no trade), and I got the last of any Master I's I needed with the researchers.  You get coin from quests, you get coin from all kinds of places, and it just gathers without a use. 

Researchers is something you can't really 'undo' so Master I's will forever be that way.  Item upgrades I can understand why they are the way they are.  Why can't you add something 'cool' for a price I really have to work for?  You remember when guild carpets were 50pp and back then 1pp was as hard to get as 10pp feels like now?  Something that in no way breaks the game but gives me something to work towards before the next expansion.  I've never been an altoholic like some, so I don't really feel like there's a lot to do between now and February.  Maybe let me ride a hill giant for two hundred pp?  Just something that makes me say - "I need that" and is priced high enough that it makes even the more affluent have to save up and penny pinch to afford.  Then when they can afford it they can trot off to the NPC, take one last examine of the item, buy it, and show it off to everybody among throngs of tells asking where'd you get that.

Comcast (SMC D3G-BIZ) & Verizon Cellphone (Droid Charge)

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* Add a tab for tradeskill equipment so crafters don't have to carry around half a bag full of armor and jewelry

*Lack of different bow graphics. Honestly, my ranger carries around 2 swords on display instead SMILEY


Click Image for link to decorating consolidated works website

Consolidated Works Fourm Thread
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Left-over NPC scripted quotes. There’s a couple in South Freeport that STILL starts the text from the old SK quest every time I pass. “The ship is set to go! Let’s get the others and get out of here!”

Betrayal quest starter flags on the mini-map. I still have to check every so often because I’ll see a quest starter notice on the map and it’ll be the NPC offering to let me betray. I don’t intend to, and it would be nice to be able to not have to remember to ignore the flashing quill in xx zone any time I pass.

Sound on house items. Some of the music boxes/snowglobes use the zone music volume, some use the Interface volume. Since I don't want to hear a click every time I push a button, this means I can't hear a thing from those house items. Make them all on the same sound channel, preferably one that relates to music instead of clicking button noises.

Quest travel annoyances. I love quests a lot. But it’s annoying to be tasked to travel to heck and gone to talk to someone or go fetch an item and then have to travel the 10 jillion miles back to the original person only to be told I now have to travel another 3 zones of walking to go back or somewhere else. In some cases this works, but in others it’s just plain annoying. Long walks don’t equal a challenge, just a time-sink.

Static zones. I love the world, but it’s just so “the same” all the time. More zones need timed or random occurrences like the one newbie zone in Qeynos where at night the mobs change to undead and the pirates make forays out to fight them. After all, the night-time runs across Kithicor in EQ were a fond memory.

Unruly pets. It would be nice if pets could be constrained within a house area. I really get tired of finding my pet hellhounds and dragons wandering in the upstairs atrium when I left them sitting in the basement.

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1) Zone Timers, can this list please only show zone's I'm locked out of and not every zone in the game.

2) Illusions, it would be nice to be able to choose which illusion shows instead of having to dump all my illusions, cast the one I want first and then recast the other illusions (that are tied to buffs)

3) Control effects - It is rarely fun to lose control over your character either to a stun, mez or charm.   These abilities are WAY overused.

4) Wack a mole curing - I'm surprised every raid healer this expansion hasn't killed themselves yet.   I go through 150 Arcane potions a week to make no mention of all the other potions I use.

5) Every time there is a LoN patch if I open Lon afterwards to get my free cards my client crashes, every single time.

6) The huge lag when changing AA's and the confirmation as stated above.

7) Account linking, dooooooo it

Cure potions, can they be different colors?  Its a pain to have to mouse over the 900 potions I always carry to figure out which is arcane and which is elemental ect.

9) Griffin tower needs to be added to the TS docks

10) Some non 4 legged mounts, Spiders, Carrion Birds lets go!

11) The bug on trakanon where if a person gets the hourglass twice in a row it doesn't show up in their detrimintal window.

12)  I spend more time looking at my detrimental window than the game, just saying.

13) Turnstrike doesn't work on certain AE's  and there is no indication as to why, I have personally feedbacked and bugged the Switchmaster and Abstalious ones at least 10 times each but a list of non blocked AE's that I'm aware of is.

Tombs:Xebnok - Overwhelming IntimidationPalace:Switchmaster - Elemental that gives you the vision (not the [Removed for Content] version) - Exothermic ExplosionAbstaltious - the noxious + mit debuff - Nether CloudPenta/Ultra - the noxious + mit debuff - Nether CloudZarrakon - his noxious aoeGozak - the noxious + mit debuff

Disso and SD merged onto a server with no competition for contested thus proving once and for all that nobody really "enjoys" racing for contested content. They just enjoy having it on lock down so no one else can enjoy it. Contested epics are a waste of programming time and resources.
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