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I'm planning to come back to the game after nearly a year off. My main is a templar who I made the day the game went live, and I've only ever dabbled in alts. I know that my old guild now has a couple of other dedicated raid templars so I've lost my priority by being gone for so long. However, I was considering betraying to inq even before I left the game, and since they've recently lost their only raiding inq it would work perfectly for me to step into that spot.

I haven't spent enough time on the evil side with any of my baby alts though to get a real feel for the pros and cons of FP, Neriak and I suppose Gorowyn now. Any thoughts or feedback on what the different evil cities have to offer so I can make a more educated choice of where to go would be greatly appreciated. What do you like or dislike about the different cities?

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Any of the evil cities are nice.  Neriak has a teleporter you can quest for and use, Freeport has bells in about all the zones or close to them, about the only city I didn't care for was the one in TD. Too many lvls and to hard to navagate.
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apparently the added more npcs to both freeport and Q - bankers etc.. so freeport might be quite convienent these daysI left for neriak myself when it was first released.SO ... pros of neriak*entire city is in 1 zone.*very affordable, and cool looking multi-room housing by death grotto.*Dockside markets is an extremely convienent place - banker/status merchant/general merchants/tradeskill area/broker/portals to TS/nek docks/collection npc. all within 10 seconds of each other with no zoning. <- that right there is why i am there.*is the evilest !cons*entire city is 1 zone - can get tedious running from zone in to death grotto - but once you are a citizen, you can do a quest which allows you to use teleporters which zap you around town. once you have that this is no longer a con.*if you are drunk and not watch where you are going you can fall down a ditch and die.*every guard is epic X2 which makes for a P I T A when using the overthere hammer. - you have to run over to the dmorte section and smack a vampire - just a minor nuisance really.*no SS carpet in city proper - closest one - you need to zone to darkligh wood and run for 2 mins to the carnival (my raid mates meet up in SS for ports to wherever we are going - so this may or may not [Removed for Content] you off) either way the call of ro ability solves that hassle.* they completely dropped the ball on the blind fish tavern from eq1..  that place used to be one of the coolest spots.. now it is just a lame vendor stall.- cant say anything about FP since i havent seen it in many months.cant say anything about Gorowyn since i have never been arsed to check it out..hope that helps
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