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As the subject says,, what I am looking for are ideas on how I can make a "microwave" as well as a "flat screen computer" , I know I have seen pictures that someone did here, and just cannot seem to find them . Any and all ideas are appreciated. I'm trying to finish a house I am decorating and these are the last two things I want to put in it before I publish the house. Also, if you could, please include components used to create. I know there is alot of talent on this board, and someone is bound to come up with something.

Thanks in advance!

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I just threw this together. I'm sure that someone can come up with something that looks a little better (and includes a mouse!), but this is what I came up with after seeing the request.

Back of the computer, showing the base holding up the monitor:

Front of the computer. Replace the painting with the painting of your choice, that sort of fits the size of a monitor:

Item list for the computer monitor:

1 painting (front of the monitor)

1 Freeport Sign (the Magic Mouth variety from City Fest--back of the monitor)

1 Black Marble Railing (the post holding up the monitor)

1 Black Marble Half Block (the base)

Computer Keyboard:

1 Black Marble Half Block (pad of keyboard)

6+ Rack of Love Potions (keys on the keyboard)

I didn't include a mouse, although I played around with the idea of filting a vase to get the right shape for a mouse, or using the side of a bottle.

Microwave (quick and dirty, nothing fancy):

1 Freeport Sign (Magic Mouth variety, used for the front frame of the microwave)

1 Polished Ice Block (glass on the front. Can use a tile instead, or two half blocks)

1 Kromzek Stein (handle)

1 Railing of Black Marble (To extend the black section on the right side for the handle/buttons/whatever else you want to put there.)

Rack of Love Potions (Buttons. You'll probably want to put in more buttons than I did.)

1 Black Marble Block (the back section of the microwave)


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I did a microwave in Bara Dirges Home posted here:


But I did not include a picture of it at that time.

Hope this one helps:

It was made from:

3 x Rack of Love Potions 1 x a pristine oil painting of a brick castle1 x Paineel pedestal4 x Black Marble Tile1 x ornate ferrite inkwell1 x Tinkerer's Mug

Greetings Mu!

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