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Owner Barakanh the Dirge published under medium houses on Antonia Bayle.

You may remember that tragedy that took place in South Qeynos about the Bard of the Hearts who's lovely wife Charisaia was murdered as a matter of

revenge and hatred of another artist? And how Barakanh went to Neriak to hunt the murderer?

If not please look here if you want =) http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...topic_id=520010

So Barakanh decided that although he had a suspect, he needs another way to trap him, as this regular visitor to his show just came every second or third night, but never spoke, never socialized with others. Alas it could also be that he was not the one. So Barakanh, wealthy enough now, as his club had been quite a success, applied with the Neriak officials to run the Opera. He then wrote to a famous belgian detective and asked for help.

We arrive at the opera the day they first meet.The foyer after some renovations now looks pleasing to the eye and of course a bar invites the opera guests with an opportunity to spend a lot of money on exotic drinks, rare wines and spirits.

We eavesdrop the conversation between the two and we get curious.

Barakanh: Welcome to the Opera Monsieur Hercule Poirot.I just arrived today from my trip to the Neriak city council to make the last arrangements to lease the opera house. I can call it mine for now. 

Barakanh: Dear Poirot, if you don't mind I address you like this, I hope you found the hotel to your liking and you had a pleasant trip?

HPoirot: I am most pleased with my place and todays travellings is so comfortable, I cannot complain. The Norrathian train incorporation improved a lot over the last year. To tell the truth I rather go by train than with horses or this silly birds they call griffons or whatever they pretend that to be.

Barakanh: My friend I get us some drinks, I assume a port for you?HPoirot:  Yes that would be most welcome, if you have this iceclad port, you know the 24 3/4 years old ? I am eager to try that one.

HPoirot:  So you wrote you got hints for me to help you on that case of the murder of your wife?

Barakanh: I have this Monsieur Poirot, the message and the knife she was murdered with.

As we wander around the Opera, their voices fade away in the distance, so we cannot hear anything anymore.

The decoration on the stage where the actors rehearse shows a sceene of an opera but we are not sure which one it is.

We peak in the corners beside the stage and see that the actors  have little changing rooms. Small but practical also for a little rest inbetween scenes.

As we turn around we see the audiance room with its comfy seatings, it seems like the upper rows are extra expensive. And Oh what is this ? Ahhh a souffleuse is helping the actors.

On our return we catch the last words  between Barakanh and Hercule:

HPoirot: We will put a replika of that knife on the stage. It will fit in the opera? No?  Doesn't Tamino loose his weapons in Act 1?

Barakanh: Yes he does indeed. You are very knowledgeable about Operas.

HPoirot: He he that is just my litttle grey cells working.Then let's see if that Troubadour appears here as well again.The sight of this weapon should make him take some action...

PS: So we have yet to see if that trick will trap the evil one.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and the opera.

If you want to make a guess about which opera is presented there, without having toured the house of course, do so. I am curious.

Greetings Mu!

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Old 08-17-2012, 06:51 PM   #2

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That floor is stunning. I love that you added (what looks like) an orchestra pit!

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Old 08-17-2012, 08:58 PM   #3
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Looks great! LOVE the floor.  Mind if I borrow your "bar" for an opera house I'm working on?  

How did you do the walls with the blue tile? I started using that on on my walls, using blue tiles, but find I have to use about 4 of them to fully cover the walls.  Did you use the dividers instead?  

It's a real pain getting the tiles on those walls so they don't clip and they're just right behind the neon, isn't it? LOL

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Old 08-18-2012, 08:14 AM   #4
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Stunning floor and the stage looks terrific.  All in all a great job, thank you for sharing your work - it is all inspiration to so many of us who come to the Norrathian Hoemshow desperate for a way to proceed with some of these more difficult designs.

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Old 08-18-2012, 12:16 PM   #5

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Posts: 253

Thanks to all for the nice comments.

Especially  as the Opera was such a long term project that involved a lot of cursing, building things and ripping them apart again, loosing items in the wall, not being happy with the walls.....floor and having to make compromises.

And yes Katine this walls are ugly to work with but I used tiles. I could not get dividers to work, they are to thick. So I sat there several evenings just moving tiles by incrementals (but also I am not so good with the editor so if someone is, it might not take that long). That the house is not oriented on a north south axis is not helpful either.

When I had the tiles right and then tried to decorate the middle one in the audiance hall with the harp and the frame from the vampiric mirror, I had to adjust the tiles again, as you rightly said they tend to clip and you don't have much room to move them.

I logged out more then one time about to kick my PC, but I absolutely wanted to do this Opera as a sequel to the Dirge story and because my hubby, who is the owner of the Opera House. loves the opera displayed there.

I read a lot about the staging and the scenary and was hoping it looks original or at least recognizeable.

And yes you can steal the bar. It is simple. Blue Marble half block, several blue marble railings and several Pile of coin square plus two a tunarian eagle staff.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Greetings Mu!

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Wonderful job Atmu. This is the most elegant opera house I have seen yet.

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