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Hello All,

You find everything about Atmus time in MajDul in her diary on the table in her little place posted on AB Server. Special thanks to Hedvica to show me that sweet little appartment and the idea about the diary.

14 th July 2012

A fellow tradesman made me aware of this appartment in MajDul and after some searching I found the place. Though the climbing up here might seem annoying it prevents on the other side thieves to come into my house. That means I can store my valuables here safely. I hope that is worth the monthly fee I have to pay.The air up here is also a bit better and I enjoy the view over the city with it's markets and crowded exotic places. I wonder what the prophets do here? They seem to worship the sun as if there was not enough of it here anyway. I was looking the other day to get myself a camel but they seem to be very expensive. But after all a camel will survive here much easier then a horse. Maybe that is why they are so expensive? I now look forward to the delivery of my bed but for now the cushions will work, I think.

15 th July 2012

My kitchen was installed, so now I can invite Vantha to do some cooking. I just hope the herbs  and spices will be to her liking. She is picky sometimes.

16 th July 2012

The bed finally arrived, although I got used to the cushions by now. I am wondering if I shall get fans as the ones my neighbour Hedvica has.

17 th July 2012 Morning

I checked the market. I think pottery is the deal here. I looked up my old recipies and I think I have some rare ones people might enjoy. I just need to set up  a pottery table again. It is quiet a while since I did that but it will be nice to work with my hands again and feel mother earth.

17 th July 2012 afternoon

The heat is sometimes almost unbearable. I went to the market today to look for a  potter's wheel but could not find  any. Instead I was  trapped in a fabric shop and got those curtains for the doorways. As the merchant promised they are keeping the heat out and look pretty too.Still I need the potter's wheel  if I want to make a living here.

18 th July 2012

The sun is burning on the Midday Market. As I was again not sucessful with the potter's wheel,  I decided to build one of my own. It seems the local craftsmen here fear the competition and refuse to sell one to me.  But come on  with all the pottery I see for sale here, there must be potter's wheels.

I got the fans today and installed them. This gnome did not tell me that it would be such a hazzle   but I got them finally to work. So as far as my memory serves, I found everything to make that potter's wheel. I wished my father was still alive for advice.

20  th July 2012

Bless my father, his blueprints are as good as I remembered. Here I have my potter's wheel now as solid and stable as one can wish. It took me two days to build it but alas now I have a qualitiy tool. The kiln was a challenge as well  but it turned out wel.  The fans do their work and keep the room also cool. I just wished  I had a balcony.

21 the July 2012

I went to get the shopping done for Vantha. She  asked if I could get coconuts and some more veggies and fish and rice. Good grief she can be very special, she asked for spiceleaf herbs, but fortunately the local herbalist had some. I wonder what she will be preparing. The coconuts are even here imported from the kerra island, she better cook something really good.I  realized I need a portable market tent. Everything seems to be going on, on the Midday Market and I cannot afford yet a permanent kiosk there.

22 the July 2012

Excellent! I found a used portable market tent for cheap  but it is still in good condition. This with a tiny othmir chair will be a good start.What annoys me is that obviously even with your own tent you have to pay a monthly fee for the space  on the market to the courts. And  of course all of them hold out their hand be it the thruth, coin and tralala....                                                                                                 ~*~ {()}~*~

It is getting late  I did my first vases and urns and they will need some time in the kiln. I might as well go to bed and  listen to the sound of this restless city while I fall asleep.

23 rd  July 2012

Vantha wants to come on Wednesday and asked if I have prepared for everything until then. Well good question. She wanted fish and I have no means to cool things here. This was never a problem in Halas. I had noticed though that  some of my neighbours got ice delivered, so I caught one of these icemen this morning and it turned out they also install the icebox you need for it for a small monthly fee.

Jebus this guys here know how to make money! What about if  I just rent out my pottery for a  "small" monthly fee???

The guy arrived in the early afternoon and installed the icebox. I must say it fits  nicely into the rest of the kitchen. The downside is, I have  still not sold anything but already have reoccuring costs.

25 th July 2012.  6 am

I  took out the first products from the kiln last evening and they have cooled down. I have packed up all my stuff and the tent in the wagon that was sent to me from the market organizers yesterday.At least I now know what my share of tax is good for. I should probably read the fine print next time more closely. This time it turned out OK but who knows what I buy next time without noticing.

I did not thought about the transport, let alone how to  carry the pottery down from this place. They have a clever mobile lift sytem here to accomodate with this  terrace houses, and  then they get the stuff for you to the Midday Market with a camel. Hopefully this wagon will be empty tonight and my purse well filled.

25 the July 2012 late evening

Finally I got home. I feel dusty and sweaty but the day was a success. My cart is empty and I have  made quiet a bit of coins. Life looks much easier now.

I have  bought the fish  for Vantha and marinated it with lemons. I even spend  some money on her favourite cake and some MajDul wine. I am curious how that one will taste. I was told it is made from grapes and a little bit  of jujube, so I assume it will be sweet and spicey which should go well with the cake. Got to take out the next set of pottery from the kiln.... Then I  think I will abuse the sink of the pottery and  emerse myself in the cool water. And then  bedtime.I can't wait to see Vantha again and hear stories from  home.

See you  in MajDul =)

Greetings Mu!

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How perfect! I love your curtains made from rolled rugs, the entire kitchen (especially the little cover over the cake), and your potter's wheel! But, the thing that pushes it over the top is your diary. Love it all SMILEY


Click Image for link to decorating consolidated works website

Consolidated Works Fourm Thread
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Old 07-23-2012, 08:48 PM   #3

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Wow!   I've always loved the style of the Maj Dul house.  You did a wonderful job on your house!

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Server: Najena

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I'm usually here to admire the incredible decorative skills but this time you had me hook line and sinker with the diary.  

I'm a RL potter and I have to have me a potters wheel and kiln - the kiln particularly - just so perfect.  Thanks for the inspiration and the enjoyable read.

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Such great details, lovely curtain and ice box! I love the story! SMILEY

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Very very nice! I like it

Riverat AB server

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Loved the story and your detailed decor is fabulous. Awesome place

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to everyone  for the nice feedback and the votes the place made it today after such a short time into the hall of fame. I am particularly happy  as it is a small home, which don't get to much love most of the time. Thanks again to Hedvika for showing me that appartment.

BTW  I tried a break out but unfortunately but not unexpected  the top is just blackness. Sigh so now balcony =).

Greetings Mu!

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Very nicely done!


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