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Banedon_Toran wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

how did it go?   Hmm it's 1:30am here on a Monday night and we are still under a heavy load.  Should i zone to NH 1,2,3 or maybe Great Divide 1 or 2..    

There was no need for a 2nd server because they knew all along the would be converting all live servers to F2P.  Most players where just to dumb to see it coming.

Freeport runs on ex-Vanguard server hardware and is actually designed to cope with higher populations and more instances than what the 'regular' servers would cope with.  At it's peak before (SOE was hacked) you'd have 6+ instances of Frostfang Sea and 3+ instances of Great Divide, which is amazing if you believe certain people on these forums who seem to think that nobody on Freeport server would have DoV access because they are all "freeloaders".

As regards the original topic of conversation, the "leveler armor" isn't needed on the store.  Crafters will usually be happy to make any item as long as you have the materials and fuels required for nothing more than a "tip", this I have found on AB, Freeport and Splitpaw servers so I would be surprised if it is different elsewhere.

With regards to getting rares, if you complete the Halas tradeskill quest line, or complete Quo's quest and spend time harvesting you will get a number of rares and can via either buy/sell or exchange swap these for the ones you really want.

I know this may shock some people, but harvesting is actually part of the game, which pretty much nullifies any argument about having limited time to play the game.  If you just want to grind dungeons all day I suspect that EverQuest II isn't the game for you.  No other MMO has such a large diversity in things you can do, tradeskills, harvesting, decorating, collecting... these are all integral parts of the game.

don't have to convince me, I love the Freeport server.  I have 10 level 90's and every other class above level 30 as well as 9 level 90 crafters there.  I copied 6 characters there the day it went live and have leveled the rest since then.

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