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Hi, I just hit lv14 defiler. This is my first character, soo I'm a bit confused... So far, I took wisdom for my first boost thing, and then some thing that gave 3.0% power increase, I think? for my second... Anyways, at 14 it says I can pick to upgrade a spell to master 2- Soo I'm wondering what I should upgrade? Greater Curse, Infection, Spectral Ward, or Ward of Spirits Also, if anybody has any tips on playing as a defiler (in groups), I'd appreciate it SMILEY PS: Do I use Wards more than heals? I played a Defiler back at release, but things were different back then... lol SMILEY Thanks!
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Always pick a ward when it is offered for M2. I use group ward as my main ward, using the single target as a filler if needed. If a ward isn't offered take the heal.You will use your heals sometimes, when encounters get a bit hairy but we are damage preventers so that is your main concern...to prevent damage, not heal it.LoL being in a raiding guild, the biggest bit of advice I can give you is do not ward before pull. If you can trust the tank then you can maybe throw up a single ward on pull but wards pull lots of aggro.
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Always pick wards and Heals when they are offered to you at Master 2 level.  Also dont be afraid to just play around because you are given 1 free respec but Sony has the tendency when they cahnge or nerf a spell or soemthing they will give you a free respec also.



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I disagree with both of the above. I always take the master 2 choice that I know I am going to use both the most and the longest. Several times the master 2 choice for heal or ward is going to be replaced fairly soon, while another spell may last you as long as 14 levels before you get a replacement for it. You will also do yourself a huge favor if you look around the broker and your local crafters and see what Adept 3's and Master 1's are going for. If you have a choice between 3 spells that you can buy Adept 3's or Master 1's in you price range and a 4th that is out of your price range or just isn't available, you would get more bang for your buck by choosing the rarer Master 2 and upgrading the others with cash/resources. If you can, you should also check the differences between each before deciding, one spell may be a HUGE upgrade between Master 1 and 2, while others may only be a very small one.Knowing is always half the battle.I solo almost exclusively, so I tend to go with damage spells first, then debuffs next, then wards. But your choice should match your playstyle, and what you have available in your server community/guild. It shouldn't be an arbitrary thing based on 'what everyone does'.With the level 14 choice, I ended up going with Wards of Spirt, as I knew it would last me til 28, and I couldn't find even an adept 1 of it in my price range at the time. While the other spells I already had at Adept 1 or higher, and either weren't much of an upgrade to Master 2, or they were going to be replaced by another spell sooner.

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