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Old 08-14-2012, 04:03 PM   #1
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Gonna roll up a new Troubadour.  My other one is Carpenter so need new ideas!

Was thinking...

Woodworking - makes arrows, bows, shields.  Useful to a point.

Weaponsmith - weapons.  However Im going bow Troub as I've always wanted, and after reading others' strategies it seems what I thought an EQ Bard should have always been. 

Jeweler - makes CA's.  However, I have always been of the mentality that wasting time on CA's before 92 is a waste.  They get replaced too quickly to worry with.  What few I do work up is through the Research system.  So work up an entire TS just for a couple 92 CA's?  Doesnt appeal much when I can buy them.  There is also jewelry, and my focus is more gear.

I also have not done much research into what the TS Apprentices for each make so if you want to add any tidbit advice concerning these I'd love to hear it. SMILEY

Troubadour really is one of those classes that can benefit from anything but not really benefit from any of it.  Decisions decisions.

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Old 08-21-2012, 07:49 PM   #2

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doesn't matter in the slightest what tradeskill you pick, if you already have a carpenter for your general non combat needs then consider

woodworking for free totems (which are like a gold each on the broker?)

alchemy for potions (which again . are a gold on the broker)

provisoner ...  this    ^

weapon/armor smith wont provide a benefit at 92 but obviously making your own armor while leveling up cheapens the cost - then you could just collect the mats and sell them for profit then buy your armor at a fraction of the price to level your stuff =)

personally i despise the incredible timesink tradeskilling currently is, but i did make my troub a woodworker to make my own arrows.. which turned out to be "meh" just adorned my extra raid gear set with ammo conservation adorns >SMILEY

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