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Hey, folks,

I just wanted to post and let you know that a bunch of accounts (less than 100) got a temporary suspension tonight.


Because some of them were invited to Beta and then found a way to shortcut the gryphon quest series, which takes a minimum of five days to complete, and were able to do it in minutes. They then told others how to do it and the rest followed along, duplicating the exploit.

To be clear, this exploit was sealed up this morning and isn't possible any longer, but these players were cheating to show off gryphons earlier than is possible by even the fastest player and to claim discoveries before non-cheating players (even going so far as to use the free transfer tokens today to claim those discos on other servers).

This kind of exploiting really ruins the chase and fun for other players and we just can't condone it in the game.

It's extremely clear which accounts were doing the exploiting because they were getting gryphons far in advance of what's actually possible, and a big percentage of them did it on multiple accounts.

So, after thinking about it, we figured a fair penalty would be a short suspension. That way, when they come back to the game, they'll have had time to earn their gryphons. Which seems fitting.

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