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1. You can send a merc through the iron gates to pull mobs on the other side. Even though you yourself cannot go through or attack them. I mean the gates that stop you progressing, and then disappear when you kill a named mob in the room on your side.

2. I'm on a 95 fury with the Skyshrine monk merc and really all the named in here are easy, I'm not even trying to be honest. I'm guessing it's balanced more for 92+ whilst levelling up though, in which case it's probably good. (Skyshrine zones were like that - a bit challenging at 90 then as you levelled and geared up it became too easy at 92.)

3. Baelon looks awesome as he enters. But the fight was actually somewhat disappointing. He did nothing at all, at first I wondered if it was broken. I had him down to about 10% when he one-shotted me with Destructive Gash. Ok so maybe I should have dodged that or something. But then the merc just finished him off. And that was that. The whole thing was over so quickly and didn't feel like I really did anything! Besides dying lol. And I bet if I'd used the damage item clickies you loot in these zones and/or picked up the pace I'd have killed him before he could have got that ability off.

4. Baelon's targetting circle is enormous! It can't really need to take up the whole screen?

5. Can we have a portal clicky in the final room to go back to the entrance please? It's a long run back and not all classes have evac abilities.

6. I didn't work out what the two squids at the start were for - I'm guessing some alternative abilities on you or the mobs? I took the frightened(?) one and he hit me with something. I didn't see a buff appear on me. I didn't get what it was for at all.

7. Nice dialogue on the squid too, but I don't understand what it's hinting at. Who "she" was - ? I'm no lore expert. I really like the story stuff but the main plotline and explanations have to be pretty clear for me to follow it.

Otherwise, I liked it! Fun little zone. The dracoliche is cool and the jumping on pillars bit breaks it up. (I'm not good at platform jumping so it causes a brief moment of tension for me heh.)

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