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Good post. I think that the aa system needs some enhancements that allow fighter classes to step out just a little and not be pushed into just one role alone. Maybe an aa system that a player could cater their class into a play style they enjoy. This would allow those die hard tanking players an option to be just want they want as well as allowing others to be more utility or offense or even a combo if they desired that.

I still think that six fighters all competing for just one spot is what is making this so called imbalance what it is.

I agree with the "meaningful advantage and a meaningful disadvantage".

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[email protected] wrote:

Bruener wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

What is amazing is the minimal difference that large amount of strike through makes on hit rates.  Really all our Fighters in raids are within a few % hit rates despite varying amount of +strike through.  There is no way that Knights Stance even comes close to DW'ing for DPS.  When they changed DW'ing to proc MA and AE and everything on both weapons it shot that out of the water.  Its real simple to look at parses and see DW'ing a large amount more.

According to ACT parses the auto atk damage is comparable. So yes knights stance does balance out compared to dual wielding. The difference is 100% proc buffs. Which is higher for dual wielding. Which I am fine with considering you ignored the fact that that SPELL HIT RATES ARE near 100%. YOU ALREADY ADMITTED SHADOWKNIGHTS benefit from near 100% hit rates on thier spells and EVERY OTHER tank relys on horrid hit rates on thier CA's. A good shadowknight can parse comparably to brawlers. AOE fights in drunder shadowknights are the HIGHEST PARSING FIGHTER. But wait this is bruener he wants to top the parses for ALL fighters in EVERY zone on EVERY ENCOUNTER. Then he will go and complain how his sk who is topping parses isnt tanking like a guard (or now monk). You dont know balance bruener and you expect EVERYTHING.

First of all Brawlers were given a large mitigation boost in DoV.  Second having mroe damage reduction means taking close to the same size hits as a Plate tank.  Brawlers don't sacrifice jack to get +mitigation.  It is on gear and you don't spec any mroe for it than that.  Brawlers on the other hand get more out of +block chance due to ratio they get in uncontested avoidance per block chance compared to plates.  Something that works out to a Brawler capping at 170 block chance versus a Plate at like 225.  Yeah they fixed mit %, but than gave it all back to Brawlers on gear.

Bruener and his lies and exhagerations. Brawlers in SF ( the expansion bruner claims was balanced) went from capping mitigation because of a broken % mit bug. To being 10% under cap vs lvl 98 npcs. Furthermore he claims brawlers got a large mit boost in DOV. The only MIT boost in dov is 780 mitigation added to our self buff. Gear mit is nearly identical to SF ( a few points higher for progression purposes). So 780 mit is now a large boost? Could you exhagerate anymore? Did you completely miss the point on how EVERY jewerly piece in game with mit % has an IDENTICAL match piece of jewerly without mit % but instead accuracy/strikethrough/multiatk. As a plate tank if you feel you dont need more mitigation you can always take the DPS choices. Sunshine you dont understand mechanics as a plate tank the amount of block chance you need depends on the quality(protection number) of your shield dived by your level.

DPS since DoV has become a moot point for Fighters in general.  Nobody cares about it.  You bring T1 to do your DPS since they are going to push out 3x the numbers.  Even so, Brawlers have not sacrificed their position near the top of Fighter DPS while given stupid defensive capabilities that shouldn't be their realm.

Dont worry shadowknights are near the top as well and top out the fights in dps in drunder because they dont rely on crap hit rates for most of thier dps.

Since you can't seem to agree that some buffage needs to definitely happen to even get close to balance.  Nerf already than.

I see you skipped out on the reply before this where you get called out on failing to know mechanics, But i digress. Where did i state other tanks dont need buffage. All i have stated is you act like shadowknights are broken like a zerker when inreality a GOOD shadowknight can and has tanked every npc in DOV. You dont know balance and you always try to overpower your class because its obvious you need the crutch since other shadowknights have tanked NPCs you have stated was impossible.

Honestly bruener your lies are getting to be as bad as talathions.

Brawlers are still incredibly god-like OP in comparison to every other tank. To a degree that it's mind-boggling how the entire SOE dev-team doesn't make it their #1 priority on a daily basis to fix.

I've tanked everything on both, and believe me, BRAWLERS ARE BROKEN.

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Wrong post...


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