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Old 04-09-2005, 09:11 AM   #1

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I think what the coercer class avatars of the gods time to settle our powers down ( i know i wouldnt want to fix a class that does nothing but whine about its utility ) and whats more i know i wouldnt want to group with a class that constantly whines about its utillity here in lies part of a problem coercers = solid group class that provides immense power to those who can wield the complicated and indirect, yes INDIRECT forms of magic, "Ahh but the high level spell suck dingoes kindeys" i hear you cry well think about it logically for a moment forgeting all anger let calmness fill your soul (This is our way) an angry mind is a rash mind.
Fact 1) 90% of players dont [Removed for Content] through content at hyper speed and enjoy setteling down to enjoy the lore and the content.
Fact 2) 90% of player inhabit that scess pool of a city of queynos.
of course the avatars will spend more time working with the majority of the people, they would be plain idiots to do otherwise, and i have little time or patience for idiots.
So calm yourself and have patience enjoy the lower circles of learning and the amazing facets norath presents, mentor people to go back and revist those places you may not have explored fully, learn everything you can, read EVERYTHING listen to people, no joy can be found in racing through your training and killing countless creatures below your ability this also would be a foolish path to a quick death at the hands of something nasty, or boredom, both undesirable concequences best avoided. Take a chance and walk through the city instead of running and see the world in a new light, *picks up a dusty tomb and lets it fall open at a seemingly random page* here it is "The Tourtoise and the Hare" i think you coercers young in mind but strong in training should read this, the moral is very apt.
The reason i ask this of you now is because my skills arn't the strongest but my mind is sharp i spend alot of fruitless time seeking groups and i hear the thoughts of those who seek brave souls to hunt with,
Member A "Theses a coercer looking"
Member B "Cool the mana regen and haste will rock, and the croud control is pretty handy"
Member C "Yeah but there nothing but winging gits, i cant be arsed with it"
Member B "Actually yeah sod it"
Member A "Yeah totally agree with ya lets take the necro instead"
So remember young ones our time will come, and our patience will be rewarded as it always has been enjoy the world for what it is a delicate flower ready to be twisted by our will and forced to our own aims, we do this through misdirection and indirect action we are not the bull at the gate but the anvil hidden behing the red cloth ready to stop the bull dead in its tracks without warning, asserting out influence to bolster our allies power, and patience and calm tread in our wake it hides ourmisdirection very effectivly almost as if we wernt there at all, but when we leave by gum don't they realize.
Don't be fools and cause the gods avatars to make us what we arn't.
Very few have the patience and wit to be one who wields then enchanting arts, fewer still have the skills to coerce and those not suited should employ their skills in other areas, not cause everyone to hate us, by make them love us and THEN bend them to our will. *giggles* you poor poor simple minded fools.
The difficulty of our arts reflects our unique and rare talents, do not defile our arts by ill considered words, and begone from my sight
Tuudarie Silvershadow
 -- Antonia Bayle --
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Hey im a coercer not a poster *shrugs and hangs head in shame*
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Old 04-12-2005, 07:18 PM   #3

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Even fewer of us care anymore.


It's not even worth getting worked up about.


My coercer will get leveled to 50 for nothing more than spite.  She'll be a buff-bot for raids, and that's about it.


I have a Druid - going Warden, and a new Mage - going Warlock/Wizard to play with.   Either will bring more to a group than the Coercer does.

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