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I'm a returning Illusionist from launch, just rolled a newbie on Vox to try out PvP EQ2-style.  I've been adapting okay to the new environment, but I'm still a little fuzzy on certain issues after catching up on my reading in the forums.  Perhaps someone here can help me clear things up.Firstly, how do stats presently affect spells?  Does INT increase the effectiveness of spells and/or decrease likelihood of resistance?  How do otherwise overlooked stats become more of an asset in the PvP environment?Secondly, I'm trying to learn more about the Stun Immunity system, both pre- and post-LU24.  Are Stifles counted in the Stun Immunity timer, or are they on their own timer?  Do the Immunity timers apply to all stuns from all classes, including procs and spells from equipment?  Does the Immunity timer last for the full duration of the spell, even if the spell is broken early?  Are there any warnings or messages displayed if a Stun/Stifle/Mez is cast on an immune player, or is there any way to tell at all if a player is immune?For those who check out the changes this week, I'd greatly appreciate any information you come across about the adjustments.  How does the new 'Daze' status work; what's the difference between 'Daze' and 'Mez'?  Can opponents be broken from their Daze by taking damage?  Does Daze have its own Immunity timer?Thanks in advance, hopefully better understanding these aspects of the class will improve my efficiency in the PvP environment.
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Intelligence will increase damage on any damaging spell. It will not affect spell resistance, or the length of time on a stun/mez/etc.I'll let a PVPer answer the second part.As for the third, Daze prevents the target from autoattacking for the duration of the Daze, but the target can still use spells or abilities. It cannot be broken by damage. Think of it as the complement to a stifle, which prevents spells/abilities but allows autoattack. So someone who is Dazed AND Stifled would not be able to do anything except run around. And it should have its own immunity timer.
I like the ability of Daze to prevent PvE damage (I did a little test server time over the weekend). A lot of mob damage comes from autoattack. If you use both your stuns, plus stifle/daze as basically another stun, you can still prevent a lot of damage even with our reduced timers.
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