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Wow and this is the reason why I don't play on live.  Because you people do not actually care about the integrity of the game as a whole.  Have you not noticed that live is dying?  why would they be doing so many mergers of the live servers if they weren't?  if instead of everyone being Ticked at each other we as a EQ2X community and you as the EQ2live community worked together I think we could probably get alot more done to fix the problems.  Instead of Flaming everyone everywhere why not simply agree that yes we all enjoy playing EQ2 regardless of the bumps / bruises that the servers have?

It seems to me that eventually we will all be merging together at some point anyway.  If we ban together as a game community many of the problems could be addressed in a more constructive way.  Colaboration leads to fix's.  if EQ2X and EQ2live have a shared problem and both player bases are reporting don't you think that they say "hey that is a common problem maybe we should fix that in a GU'? 

If everyone is just conserned with their part of an engine then the whole engine gets screwed because, peices won't fit together, but if everyone focuses on all the independent parts then as they work together then the whole engine can actually work more coheasively.

I know this will get flamed and I honestly don't care I just like you on Live pay for my content expansions and the like I pay my monthly gold and I payed for preorder of DOV.

But atleast think about how much more we could get done if the entire EQ2 community worked together to get the problems fixed.

And for god's sakes $OE get all the servers working correctly not just on EQ2X but also on live.

Good luck to everyone on Live hope you all have fun!

this message was taken down by the resident Volunteer Mod.  and I believe that it needs to stay I have already fixed the One word that the Mod wanted fixed.

perhaps mods should be reminded that if they have a problem with the way something is posted they can and perhaps have the right to edit the post?????

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Do not make posts that inquire about, contain the same information as, or comment on other removed or locked posts/topics - unless a Moderator directs otherwise.

That post was closed for a reason, please do not try to reopen the thread this way.

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