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One thing I am worried about this expansion is a continuation of the boring itemization that has been in place since around SF/DoV1. Basically items have been reduced to a certain set of base stats which are simply multiplied based on the level of content they drop from.

For example, all fighter rings this last expansion have simple had attack speed, crit, potency, and mitigation. A ring from Drunder is slightly better than one from Sleepers Tomb, a ring from Sleepers Tomb is slightly better than a ring from Underdepths, etc.

This has unfortunately made loot rather boring. It's really hard to get excited about gaining 5str/sta, 1 AS, and 0.1 mit/pot/cb when I upgrade my ring. It would be really nice to introduce items with unique stats that weren't generated with a script. A few items here and there with unique stats and procs would go a long way to help keep loot interesting. Perhaps consider adding items with unique, interesting, and powerful procs like we had in TSO (things like the Zarrakon items and pre-nerf avatar gear).

Procs also fall into the catagory of boring for this expansion. There are a lot of procs that simply add small boosts to your stats (like CB and potency). They proc often enough that they are almost always up and they do provide a decent boost in stats, the problem is that they are simply unimaginative. I would much prefer going back to the model of having procs be rare, but ensuring that procs had unique and desireable effects. Once again, you could look back to RoK/TSO itemization to see my point here. Procs weren't on every single items and the procs that existed were generally interesting and desireable.

There is also the issue that defensive stats on items tend to be extremely over valued for their effectiveness. For example, if you compare the "fighter" earrings with the "scout" earring it becomes extremely hard to justify using the fighter earring because apparently 4.4% Block Chance has the same stat value as 150 Ability Mod, 32.6% Multi Attack, and 3% Flurry (aITEM -1592974894 -846686561 0:[Hoard-Found Hook of the Underdepths]/a versus aITEM -1552087196 -1770585289 0:[Awakened General's Stud of the Underdepths]/a). The 4.4% block is a very small boost to my defensive stats when compared to the amount of offensive stats I would lose in the trade. To clarify, the issue here isn't losing the offensive stats, it's about the miniscule gain in defense at the cost of a large amount of offensive stats.


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